Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Anthology on the 91x Morning Show tomorrow!

Listen in San Diego natives!! Tomorrow morning between 5:30-10:00 am, on the 91x Morning Show with Mat Diablo & Carlos Montoya (I didn't forget you Sammi & Preston!) will be giving away a couple pairs of tickets for Anthology's Indie Showcase tomorrow night @ 7:30pm featuring Trevor Davis, Carney, and electro-rock project Dr. Seahorse. This show is going to be tight, so tune in and dial in to win free tickets!!

And if you're not already a fan of the 91x Morning Show, add it to your radio settings because it is EFFING awesome! Full of pop trash, drunk dials, and witty banter; Mat, Carlos, Sammi, and Preston are a unique bunch of clashing personalities that masterfully tackle topic after topic, ranging from MMA to Snuggies. These funny guys (and gals) can be heard weekday mornings on the way to work, and beat the day old chart toppers on 933 & Blazin989.

Holler back, Marijuana.