Friday, December 18, 2009

Night of the Dragon at Zenbu in Cardiff

For you industry mongrels and pro ho's that didn't make it out to Cardiff on Wednesday for Dragon's Weird Fest, you missed out on one of the best holiday parties this year. What made this shin dig so awesome? Well for one, it wasn't a Christmas party, which was a relief since most of us are sick of the ugly sweaters and red/green limitations. Secondly, it was held at the newest Zenbu location in the trendy Cardiff area. Third? The delicious sushi, of course. And lastly, the event was hosted by Dragon, an action sports retailer, locally infamous for their epic parties. The goal of the party was to celebrate "their number 1 team rider Mick Fannings claim of his second world title". Sponsors included Rockstar Limo and U4IK Vodka, and Zenbu even donated some free sushi to VIP attendees.

Props to Dragon for the sick sunglasses display in the saltwater aquarium. Thanks to Cory McGilvery for the epic photos. And of course, thanks Loren for throwing another weird/fun/amazing bash.

Give. Get. Feel. Good.

It's always to see a community come together and give to a great cause. Isn't that what the Holiday spirit is all about? Amongst all the stuffy country club fundraisers and holiday work parties, a fab collab resulted in an uber-successful charity event this week in North County.

On Monday night, Give. Get., a clothing drive benefitting the San Diego Alpha Project, was hosted at Captain Keno's in Encinitas. One of the most reputable homeless benefitting charities in San Diego, "Alpha Project provides the homeless with the tools they need to be the very best they can be. Founded in 1986 as a simple project offering work opportunities for homeless men, today Alpha Project operates numerous programs, serving over 2,000 people monthly."

Attendees were asked to simply bring in whatever clothes they wanted to donate to the homeless, and in return, were given raffle tickets to be used to win prizes donated by a slew of action sports companies, as well as local businesses (Hence the "give/get" concept). Donations were made by: Adio, Altamont, Brixton, Chocolate, DC, Dragon, ├ęs, emerica, etnies, Girl, x James Mendoza, Henning, Mystery, Pony Attack, Reef, RVCA, Royal, ThirtyTwo, WESC, Zero, and Zico (a whole case of coconut water!).

The event, held at the charming pirate bar Captain Keno's, was hosted by Athena and Svedka, and featured promo models, a futuristic photo booth, and delicious drink specials. The local hideaway spot was appropriately decorated with an array of Christmas decor, including a lovely tree in the center of the bar/lounge. The drinks were stiff, the ribs were a hit, and the gifts were great. The turnout was also pretty prime; huge piles of trashbags filled with clothes were donated by guests, and most people came away with one of the sweet gift packages.

Hopefully all the positive responses will generate an annual event, and hopefully it will become even more successful as years progress. Thanks to Luke Van Voorhis for putting on such a successful event for such a great cause, and thanks to those who donated!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Ode to my Bestie!

One of my nearest and dearest (and oldest) friends, Erica "Bagel" Stolman, has crafted another noteworthy blog dedicated to anything and everything fashionable. Whether its an icon, an item, or an idea, my little E-bear loves to write about all that is couture. Friends that follow us, and share a passion for fashion, also like to introduce and add ideas and tidbits to our little blogs on the regular. This week, our homeboy Griffin (aka Grif Balls) brought to our attention a one of a kind item for auction that may or may not be the most fashionable cartoon memorabilia in history. Meet Karl Lagerfeld's Sponge Bob Square Pants.

According to, "Karl Lagerfeld attracted the highest bid at a recent Paris fundraiser for WWF, generating 1,000 Euros (Approx. $1,499 USD) ". Who would have thought others existed that shared a love for Sponge Bob and Chanel. Way to go Karl, on another inspirational work of art!

Follow my girl, E-bear at her couture cornucopia.

Norton Knows Best

I like to discover and plug local photographers, since I share such a passion for the photographic art and interesting perspective. For almost two years I have been living back in San Diego tearing up my old stomping ground, and one name keeps coming up. NORTON.

“James Norton, a local resident of South Park San Diego has been literally capturing life at its best. Covering some of the most exclusive fashion shows and the hottest night club spots, James’ sharp eye and keen skills are masked only by his laid back and carefree attitude.” - San Diego Downtown News - April 2008

The kind, carefree, witty man behind the lense is known for his candid black and white snapshots, and most recently I became a huge fan of his fashion editorial work. His shots capture action in every form... in people, in their surroundings, in lighting, objects, garments, structures. Everything about his photos are sexy, sharp and immediately draw you into the seductive worlds of parties, fashion and musics. Deemed San Diego's premier nightlife photographer, Norton maintains his title by constantly attending the hottest events and showcasing the people and places he works with in his fantastic works. His cool personality doesn't hurt either; He is the type of guy you want to be around, and if you aren't then you probably should be. If you are fortunate enough to get spotted in one of his snapshots, consider yourself a part of something truly one of a kind. With his good shaggy haired head straight on his shoulders, his top of the line equipment, creative eye and raw talent, this guy is gonna be going places. And you might want to follow because there's always a party when Norton's around.

Check out more about Norton and his sick shots here. For a taste of his style, check out some photos below of yours truly and some local industry friends.

Spread Christmas Cheer with Free Cookies and Beer!

To kick of the long road of parties ahead, I began my holiday round robin with Volcom's 4th Annual Ugly Christmas Sweater Party at the Saloon in Encinitas (my favorite bar in San Diego). Ugly Sweater parties, in my opinion, are a nice combination of silly and festive, and are a chance for holiday enthusiasts to spread Christmas cheer with fellow partiers. This party was no exception: A colorful array of ensembles made up the sea of people that filled the Saloon last Wednesday evening. Everything from tacky and tasteless oldies pulled out from the winter cabin to homemade creations composed of bows, bells and lights were represented, and even some onesie pajamas made it out of the Christmas stash.

The free beer was flowing, everyone was on a good one, and trays of Christmas cookies were being served by Santa's lovely little helpers in their own holiday flair. Local favorite at the saloon Gabe Vega was responsible for the dope soundtrack of the event, and his killer mash up's and electro taste set the scene for an epic dance floor. My girl Marissa and I sported some vintage Adolfo coats, courtesy of my glamourous grandmother, with shiny shoes, pearls, and decorative headpieces (my new obsession, for those who didn't read my piece from the Thread show last week). Other top notch looks: my good friend Tommy's light up snowy mountain village sweater made by his mother, Jordan of Volcom's sweet shark suit, and a chill guy sporting an American flag denim vest with long luscious locks... killer.

Thanks to Volcom for kicking off the holiday season to a great start, and thanks to my boy Brandon Ghio for the pics from the party!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

All I Want For Christmas

Thank you to my girl Katrina for posting this on facebook! I die for every single one of these shoes, if Santa even let me have half a pair of these beauties I would be good every single year! The studs, peep toes, satin bows and black lace is all so stunning and heavenly, they make a girl just want to live out her fashion fantasies. I have to admit shoes are my biggest vice, even more than fine wine or dirty martini's. There is nothing that makes a woman feel sexier than a brand new pair of designer shoes to take her through her adventures on the town. So fellas, while we are cooking our way to your hearts, please be a dear and stop by Neiman's on your way home from the office to pick up a pair of dream shoes for your honey. What more could you ask for: a Christmas gift that keeps bringing joy year round to your lady? Sounds like a dream come true!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Fall Food Find

A few months ago, a cute little cafe/bistro opened up down the street from our Solana Beach store on Cedros Ave. Claire's has already gained a great reputation for their fresh ingredients, contemporary menu choices and warm inviting atmosphere, so it was only a matter of time before I tried the place out myself.

What a better day to enjoy an afternoon walk and lunch than this Fall Wednesday, 2 days out of a treacherous rainstorm (for us, ha), a crisp 58 degrees, in the artist district on Cedros. I decided to spend this week 'previewing' shops for potential christmas gifts for the family, and am on day 2. Today, i visited Leaping Lotus for a bit, checking out one of a kind local made goodies for my parents, and hunger struck my stomach like a lightning bolt to metal. It was perfect timing, I had some time before work, and wanted a fall salad and a cool iced tea to get me through my shift.

Immediately upon entering, I felt like a regular. Large parties filled the crowded room of tables, and a friendly waitress escorted me to a lovely table outside on the back patio, next to a waterfall. Inside, a busy bakery and barista counter in the back showcased an array of baked goods from pumpkin cheesecake to blueberry muffins. The ambiance was semi-reminiscent of Thyme in the Ranch, but less shabby chic and more modern rustic. The architecture of the building was angular, industrial, yet familiar... the slates of gray stone that created the face and walls of the restaurant reminded me of many of the newer homes in Del Mar.

My table was pleasantly placed next to a waterfall fountain and out of the direct sun, which would have been nice on this brisk day. In any case, the patio was comfortable, quiet, and an easy place for one to enjoy lunch for one. I ordered the Pear & Beet Salad with goat cheese and candied pecans off of the new fall menu, with my signature iced tea (very sweetened of course, like we drink it in the South). To my dismay, now that the holidays are here and I try and cut carbs where I can, a roll escorted my salad to lunch. However, to my surprise, it was the most delicious roll I have ever eaten. Not the type of bread that you want to eat 5 pieces of, but a perfect one roll dose of delicious pumpkin bread that complimented my spiced salad divinely. The meal was delicate and delicious and didn't overstuff me like most meals around the holidays.

So for those looking for a casual, but contemporary dining experience during breakfast, brunch, or lunch, try Claire's for some fresh fall ingredients and awesome ambiance. There's something on the menu for everyone, and afterwards, you can walk it off to any of your favorite shops on Cedros!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Dear Santa

Once Thanksgiving has passed and the Christmas spirit starts to settle in, one contemplates what they think they deserve and what they would die for if Santa would only put you on the Nice list. Most of us with good taste, however, typically make the Naughty list, so my list is merely wishful thinking. With the economy in such shambles, Christmas is predicted to be less bountiful in most households than years of Christmas past. Nonetheless, even though times are tough and wallets are tight, I have been able to find some pretty f*&%ing fabulous finds on my favorite shopping websites.

I have always been a fan of Steve Madden but when his playful designs go on sale, my heart really starts to flutter. His Cuddless bootie in a flirty fuschia is the perfect hybrid of hipster and feminine. For only $100, you get designer duds in a rich suede, a comfortable fit, and a bangin color that will add a punch to any outfit.

Since my obsession with pin-up girls began, and most recently when attending Thread, I have been so intrigued and in love with feathered hairpieces. Head bands and clips, with feathers and flowers are so ethereal and inspiring, they add a touch of glamour to any pretty face. I just bought a beautiful rouge and black feathered hair clip adorned with vintage gold jewelry from Rachel Larraine at Thread, but I just want to buy more in every color! At Nordstrom's, Tasha's "feathered friend" headband in teal or purple are both vibrant starbursts of color, perfect against a bright blonde or rich chocolate brunette (or in my case, a deep auburn).

At Intermix online, my guilty pleasure, the 'Gifts Under $250' proved to have some interesting finds, which is typically unheard of. Lauren Urstadt's Cropped Chain Leather Gloves (for $155) are an edgy accessory for those of us with deep rooted loves for leather. But if you are less of a renegade and more of a romantic, the dreamy racoon fur muffler scarf by Adrienne Landau is pricey, but so elegant I can imagine it being worn by a famous actress on a cruise ship in the early 20th century, think Kate Winslet in Titanic or a dressed up Naomi Watts in King Kong.

It is nice to see that department stores and heavy trafficked sites are breaking prices in accordance with the holidays. Working in retail, I see the ugly reality of the economy everyday. There's hope yet for my fellow fashionistas, though, thanks to compliant vendors and generous manufacturers. Even big name designers are starting to catch on that people are willing to sacrifice cost for style, since there are so many more affordable options these days. And the best thing about thrifty shopping, of course, is that even if Santa puts me on the Naughty List, I can probably scrounge some change up to treat myself to a few nice gifts :)

Monday, December 7, 2009

Get Your Thread In The Game

Since I am not in the typical fashion mecca's of NYC or LA, I try to stay as linked into the San Diego fashion scene as one can be. Other than ASR, there are not many large scale productions where you can view upcoming collections for next season, or even get to sample more than a few local lines lost among a sea of mainstream brand names. Thread is a bi-annual show, held in SF and SD every year, that boasts local designers and hip up and coming trendsetters that are taking the fashion world by storm one boutique at a time. Buyers and shoppers are of equal value, and drinks flow like the Pacific Ocean tide. A culmination of music, art, fashion and events come together for a two day celebration of all things chic before the rest of the world gets to hear or see their genius.

This year, I attended Thread Fashion Show, with my fellow fashionista Erica, at the old Wonderhaus Bakery building downtown on 14th St. The entryway where guests checked in was adorned with gorgeous globes by TEND that were filled with miniature landscapes like little vignettes transparently floating midair. The space was industrial and open, and filled with booths of clothing, accessories and one of a kind jewelry. What makes Thread such a hit among fashionistas is it isn't just for those of us that work in the industry, they welcome all shoppers as well and possess a wide array of ready to wear goodies for everybody. Notable booths to stop & revel at: the stunning feathered hair accessories by Rachel Larraine and HEADCRAZED, the chunky chic and vibrant vintage neacklaces by Micha Designs (below), and the beautiful boho designs of Babykakes.

Key social issues expressed in this years show was the green movement and the demand for wallet friendly options in the recession. On their website, Thread promotes alternative transportation by encouraging bike riding instead of driving. An array of eco friendly lines were in attendance. "This new section at THREAD focuses exclusively on eco-fashion and sustainability" says Thread's website. The green movement continues with the preservation of greenbacks... This year, the annual event had a 'swap section' where new or barely used items could be donated to a shelter or traded for items among other shoppers and donators. Those that donated a bag of clothing received a discount upon entry, while those that donated 10 items of clothing, could choose 5 items to swap. This was obviously an instant hit, since those who love to shop as much as I do like to save a pretty penny wherever we can, especially if it means purging our overflowing closets even the slightest bit.

The local support at the event was very visible, as well. The Sezio booth upstairs featured custom screen printing on basic tee's and scarves to take home and wear that day. The local non-profit company "provide[s] resources, exposure and community support to artists and musicians through a variety of new media, events, retail and community programs". Local infamous nightlife photographer James Norton was also featured at the event, exclusively providing photos of attendees and models alike. And GOGA by Gordana, a new brand to the San Diego fashion scene with a just-opened location on Market St. downtown, was featured and promoted by the Project Runway runner up who's creative genius makes up her namesake clothing line. I also saw some familiar faces from the Ocean Beach Farmer's Market: local jewelry designers Coco Loco and internationally inspired handbag designer Chi Stylezs, both of who's works can be viewed on Newport Ave. in OB on Wednesday afternoons.

The highlight of the trends being shown at the event was the twice daily runway show, hosted by one other than Gordana. The catwalk production we attended featured some of the top designers at the trade show, including: Jeans 4 Justice, Holiday Matinee, Supastar Co., and a mens underwear line that stood out due to the male models personality peppered walks that made all the female guests melt. The catwalk was covered in astro-turf and was held in a concrete room, giving it a sub-urban feel typical of Thread. The composition of different designers gave the show a segmented perspective varying from half-naked and whimsical, to politically charged and intentional.

In addition to the runway shows and booths featuring over 100 up and coming brands, A Style Concierge hosted a free hair and makeup booth, which was conveniently set up directly next to James Norton's photo booth where attendees were photographed sipping champagne cocktails in their hot new threads. Vin De Syrah was also present at the event, hosting an Alice & Wonderland themed lounge with a free wine tasting of some of the wine parlor's new labels. Upstairs, was a photography and art exhibit showing off the works of local artists, where you could sip cocktails and get a free massage by Chiropractique.

It is no wonder that San Fran and San Diego are the only two select locations chosen to uphold the hip reputation Thread has created over the years. The amenities, local support, and political savvy of the event made for a sharp, swank afternoon spent among fashion producers and consumers, alike, and really showed off the local flavor that our beloved city has to offer. Photos of the event can be viewed at James Norton's gallery, and to access a list of designers featured at the show, check out Thread's site. My own photos will be uploaded onto facebook today, so check out the runway and photo lounge shots I got of my friends and I!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

New York Glamour Hits La Jolla for a Reunion to Remember

Typically, around the weekend prior to Thanksgiving, a slew of San Diego natives return to their hometown for some good food, quality time with the family, and a trip down memory lane at a slew of high school parties and local bars with old familiar faces. A local tradition at my alma mater, Torrey Pines High School, is an annual night after Thanksgiving bar party where you can see your old flings, past life besties, and kids from class you never thought you'd see again. The standard 'Where are you now?' and 'What are you up to these days?' pass with ease into a more comfortable, nostalgic vibe where old friends seek to make new memories, like time has never passed.

This year, three members of the Torrey Pines alumni came together to plan the annual event. These individuals wanted to not only plan a fun event that would top the parties of years past, but a fresh, elegant, SAFE event that would go down in the books as one of the best holiday parties of the year. It took a hip young transportation business owner and two aspiring event planners to make this shin dig happen, and it was the ultimate culmination of story telling, shot sharing, and scandal Torrey Pines students haven't witnessed since grad night.

Meet Yvonne Najor & Carli Roth. Two girls about town that know great parties and enjoy excellent company. After graduating from college and relocating to New York City, they noticed a recurring trend among friends... the need to connect with interesting new people. They began hosting small cocktail receptions in quirky, trendy spots that quickly resulted into new friendships, romances, and fun. From this, DBD was born.

DBD is a social club thats motto is about living life day by day. DBD is a constant reminder to take in and enjoy the people around you. Each month Yvonne & Carli host exclusive events, dinners, parties, and gatherings for an elite social group of young professionals in New York & California who are just looking to have a good time and live life day by day. "Its not about the life you live, but the way you live it", says Carli Roth, half of the entrepreneurial team. When planning an event of such magnitude with such an eclectic crowd, it takes an air of confidence, comfort and cooperation to pull something so hyped off. It was up to the alumni to show up, which was without doubt seeing as its the first and best holiday party at home, but the details of the event had to be worked out first.

The venue was Prospect Bar in downtown La Jolla, only a few exits South of the old neighborhood, but refreshing and new like it was another city. There was a VIP area with bottle service, and a full bar for others to fill up their cups. A pure glass wall allowed insiders to view who was coming in, and who was getting kicked out. Cali Camera Photography was hired to photograph the reunion, and took great photos capturing the excitement and surprise of many old friends reacquainting themselves with one another. The final detail to work out was the transportation. And that's where our third entrepreneur came in.

Brandon Blum, an up and coming businessman who likes to work hard and play harder, is owner of a limousine company that DBD used to shuttle guests from the Del Mar Plaza (neutral ground for most TP alumni) to Prospect Bar throughout the evening. "We wanted to help ensure people werent drinking and driving over the holiday" said Carli about teaming up with longtime friend Brandon. After a slew of alcohol related car accidents in San Diego in the past 2 months, and many other alcohol and drug related community deaths in recent years, safety was of the utmost importance on an evening where lots of alcohol and celebrating would be occurring.

The evening was filled with lots of memories, hugs, and toasts and thanks to the transportation and venue, was in a safe, refreshing, fantastic place. Overall, it went very smoothly, minus the usual drunk table dancers, sparklers, and shirtless men, and it was agreed upon by all to be an awesome reunion party. So if you missed any of the cat fights, kamikazes or kisses, be sure to check out the pics and follow DBD on facebook! And mark your calendar's for next year kids, because like fine wine, the alumni parties only get better with age and next year is bound to have just as much, if not more excitement, than this year!

Secret Soundtrack

As posted earlier, I said I would publish a list of playlists from the Victoria's Secret Fashion Shows of years past... These cover live musical performances, songs and mash up's from the catwalk, along with tracks used as background music backstage during interviews with the VS Angels. I will start back when I began watching the annual runway show religiously, in my college days:


"Embraceable You" by Chris Botti

"Carol of the Belles" by U.S. Army Field Band & Soldier's Chorus mixed with "Christmas Eve (Sarajevo 12/24)" by Trans-Siberian Orchestra

"I Like The Way" by Bodyrockers mixed with "Dance of the Cygnets" by Andre Previn

"Shot You Down" by Audiobully's mixed with "Lujon" by Henry Mancini

"Love's Divine" by Seal

"Crazy" by Seal

"Drop It Like It's Hot" by Snoop Dogg & Pharell mixed with "Plaine, ma Plaine" by Paul Mauriat

"I Want Candy" by Aaron Carter mixed with "Pon De Replay" by Rhianna

"Drop the Pressure" by Mylo

"Drop It On Me" by Ricky Martin

"La La" by Teairra Mari

"Good Luck" by Basement Jaxx

"Are You Gonna Be My Girl" by Jet


"SexyBack" by Justin Timberlake

"Breathe Me" by Sia

"Beware of the Dog" by Jamelia

"When You Were Young" (Unknown Remix) by The Killers

"Galvanize" by The Chemical Brothers

"Bossy" (Unknown mix of Switch Remix) by Kelis

"My Love" by Justin Timberlake

"LoveStoned" by Justin Timberlake

"I've Got a Life (David Guetta Club)" by Eurythmics

"Just A Little More Love" by David Guetta


"Gonna Fly Now (Theme from Rocky)" by Bill Conti

"Let Me Think About It" by Ida Corr vs. Fedde le Grand

"Perfect (Exceeder) [Club Mix]" by Mason & Princess Superstar

"I Got It from My Mama" by

"Touch Me" by Cass Fox

"Paralyzer" by Finger Eleven

"Doing It Right" by The Go! Team

"The Girls" by Calvin Harris

"Get Free" by The Vines

"Wedding Day" by Seal (with Heidi Klum)

"Who's That Girl (Extended Mix)" by Eurythmics

"Stop the Rock" by Apollo 440

"Stop" by Spice Girls

"Amazing (Thin White Duke Edit)" by Seal


"Yeah" by Usher

"Love Lockdown" by Kanye West

"Little Bit" by Lykke Li

"That's Not My Name" by the Ting Tings

"Human" by the Killers

"With You" by Chris Brown

"Babalu" by Jorge Moreno

"Let Me Entertain You" Robbie Williams

"What's Your Name" by Usher featuring

"This Aint Sex" by Usher

"Young Folks" by Peter Bjorn and John

"Battle Without Honor or Humanity" by Tomoyasu Hotei

"Mercy" by Duffy

"Shut Up & Let Me Go" by the Ting Tings


Listed Below in next post

NOW GO RUN YOUR ASS OFF FATTY so you can start getting your freak body!!

Freak Bodies Hit the Runway for the Holidays

Every year, around the holidays, there are many things one has to look forward to... football & family, eggnog & mistletoe, the outward pouring of love & joy. For me, although Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and I love Christmas music all year round, I look most forward to the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. For those of you that are annual addicts to this runway extravaganza, you know what I am talking about. And for those of you who don't, it's time to get on the bandwagon. This runway show is most notable for the brand and faces behind the production, household names like Heidi, Gisele, Alessandra and Tyra. But since it's roots many decades ago, the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show has evolved into the biggest fashion spectacle in the world. It harmoniously blends together commercial fashion, couture models and mainstream music into one big glittery glamorous display of beauty one may ever sat their eyes on.

This year was no exception, and thankfully so since the past few years have been somewhat underwhelming due to the loss of many familiar faces (Gisele ended her contract with VS 2 years ago, and Tyra retired as a runway model after the 2006 show) and a loss of focus on the part of the artistic directors. Themes were lost and focal points were blurred in many of the "in between" segments, but this year I am happy to say that VSFS producers have simplified their vision and delivered one of the best runway shows of the decade.

The first segment of the show began with a blast off performance by the Black Eyed Peas of "Boom Boom Pow" their first hit single off their new album, The E.N.D. The stage was layered with green lazers forming the backdrop of a European skyline, while the glitter covered runway was strewn with futuristic dancers, similar to those from the BEP performance on the VMA's. The first face to grace the stage was the stunningly beautiful Alessandra Ambrosio, sporting a hot fuschia piece that would make any fashionistas heart melt. The theme of the first segment was futuristic neon, with bright yellow and pink ensembles featuring bubble helmets, geometric acrylic wings, and mirrored
fragments in floral like arrangements.

Next came the Travel inspired segment, featuring images of passing trains through a variety of sceneries and dancers tossing and dancing with props such as hat boxes, luggage, and totes. Marisa Miller was featured in the Million Dollar Bra, while the other models were covered in everything from furs to gems to exotic feathers and an array of rich expensive fabrics. It held an air of aristocracy and leisure that took the audience on a lush fantasy trip that most women only dream about.

Next was the more playful segment, representing the VS Pink brand, commonly shows in bright colors, loud patterns, and University style emblems across the tush. Usually, this is the part of the show people don't mind missing for its youthful mood, however this time, the directors used more couture design with the commercial brand. Tightly bound corsets, balloon wings, and bubble trains adorned the vibrant, playful looks inspired by dorm room debutants and varsity vixens around the country.

To break up the drool worthy faces and fashions, the Black Eyed Pas performed their newest track, radio hit "Meet me Halfway", where Fergie stole the show in her peekaboo front emerald green gown showing off her trained and groomed stems as if she were a VS Angel herself. Her vocals were also impeccable, and her solo in the end gave me the chills.

The last two segments were the most glamourous of all, in my opinion. The first of the two followed a fairy tale theme that was reminiscent somewhat of the Russian Royalty segment from years past where a classical ballet track was remixed with Snoop Dogg & Pharell's "Drop It Like It's Hot", featuring feathers, woodsy wings, and a fantastic feeling of escape from the normal world. This segment was on the lighter side, using a cooler palette of colors such as mint, pale pink, and lavender. Wings were delicate and ethereal, matching the nymph like faces of the models that bore them. Also notable, Heidi Klum's return to the runway only 2 weeks after giving birth to the newest of her brood, Lou Samuel.

The final segment was the standard finale in the VS fashion show, a glitzy wintery display of all the finer things VS has to offer... ruby and sapphire encrusted bras, bridal lingerie, black velour two pieces, snow queen corsets, and much much more. The center of the V shaped runway was filled with a booming choir that backdropped Leona Lewis' "Happy" and was all set against the backdrop of the laser outlined skyline from the start of the show, except a winter white instead of neon green. This segment was also the debut for Kylie, a VS Angel tryout who made it past over 300 candidates, through countless preliminary and final judgements, and finally made it to the runway where she spread her wings and strutted her stuff.

The playlist for this years fashion show is listed below. Later today, I will be posting a list of previous years songs... I promise these playslists are the shiz to work out to!

"Boom Boom Pow" by The Black Eyed Peas
"Sex On Fire" by Kings of Leon
"Use the Same Old Song" by Mighty Mike ("Use Somebody" by Kings of Leon mashed with "It's the Same Old Song" by the Four Tops)
"The Man Who Can't Be Moved" by The Script
"Happy" by Leona Lewis
"Untouched" by The Veronicas
"1901" by Phoenix
"The Battle" by Hans Zimmer
"My Delirium" by Ladyhawke
"Ooh La La" by Goldfrapp
"Message in a Bottle Rmx" by The Police
"Sex Appeal" by Barrie Gledden
"Heavy Cross" by Gossip
"Upset The Rhythm (Go Baby Go)" by Noisettes
"Bulletproof" by La Roux
"When Love Takes Over" by David Guetta

Thursday, November 19, 2009

a new day, a new moon

For all you Twi-hards out there, tonight at midnight marks the first public showing of the highly anticipated second film in the Twilight Saga, and the sequel to Twilight, New Moon. This film will probably be the highest grossing film of the year, thanks to Stephanie Meyer's top selling series and the gorgeous cast that the public has come to know and love.

The cast has been on a whirlwind press tour for the last week, jet setting from Germany, to LA for the film premiere, and around the country for a slew of morning and late night talk shows to discuss love lives, fan mania around the world, and other personal details to make the kids squirm in their seats. This week, Kristen Stewart was on The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien where she discussed her family, dealing with fame, and her adoration for Conan's hair. Meanwhile, Taylor Lautner was on The Jay Leno Show, where he threw the pigskin around with Jerry Rice and spoke of hot mom's sporting his Jacob panties to signings. For a laugh, tune into Ellen Degeneres tomorrow to watch her grill America's hottest vampire, Robert Pattinson. Additionally, The Today Show and Live with Regis&Kelly will host Rob Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner one day each this week.

For those of you who have not read the series, New Moon is the book in which Edward leaves Bella in an attempt to protect her from the wrath of the conservative and cruel Volturi clan. When Bella enters a deep depression after being heartbroken by her one true love, Jacob steps in as a companion, confidant, and crush to sweep her off her feet and enter her into a world she thought couldn't get any more complicated. When Jacob's secret identity, a newly turned werewolf, is revealed, Bella experiences a mental love triangle, trying to fight her urge to fall for Jacob while she still dreams of and sees images of Edward. Particularly hot in this film, beyond the handsome brooding vampires we have all come to obsess over, are the Quiluete werewolves (especially the newly bulked up Jacob who is so boyishly good looking it's no wonder mom's are pawing over him in front of their cubs!) who rarely wear shirts and express an alpha quality that reigns supreme over the passive, mysterious vampires Twilight fans experienced in the first flick.

Not to get ahead of myself, but I am most excited for the third installation of the Twilight series, Eclipse, when confrontations come to a head and the battle over Bella truly begins.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Blog Crush!

I have a blog crush. I am totally obsessed with a new blog a recent acquaintance has introduced me to. It is a combination of fashion photography, editorial work, and documentary. The Sartorialist is a successful Renaissance Man of sorts, with a educational background in Apparel Merchandising and professional experience with fashion, photos, and writing, he has created a blog dedicated solely to fabulous fashion around the world.

"I thought I could shoot people on the street the way designers looked at people, and get and give inspiration to lots of people in the process. My only strategy when I began The Sartorialist was to try and shoot style in a way that I knew most designers hunted for inspiration. Rarely do they look at the whole outfit as a yes or no but they try and look for the abstract concepts of color, proportion, pattern mixing or mixed genres. "

The Sartorialist has an eye that most people strive for in fashion, but that I personally feel I share. Many times do I take notice of a particular piece, or feel to an ensemble, and wish I could share my perspective with those that share my love and inspiration for a designer, a garment, or an individuals style. Well, I have been beaten to the punch, but now have a crush on The Sartorialist and hope to one day masterfully blend my professional aspirations into one original, inspiring, creative project as he has.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Thursday is the New Friday

Well, it seems that with the end of summer comes the end of some big tours, and local music afficcianados couldn't be happier. Fall is a chilly season where we can wear our scarves and boots and rock out to some shows that would otherwise be overshadowed by summer headliners like Britney Spears and Dave Matthews Band. This Thursday, the Belly Up Tavern will host the Danish rock duo the Raveonettes for a dreamy sultry indie rock performance partnered and hosted by FM 94.9. Before you head there, make a stop at the Brigantine for Thirsty Thursday and get $2 off some cocktails, mojito's & martini's. To get a feel for the Raveonettes, try sampling one of they're singles, "Dead Sound", an electronic charged 50's beat with soft pop vocals and hard hitting drums.

Thursday night, in my opinion, is the perfect evening for live music because it gets you revved up and ready for the weekend. And next Thursday should be no exception; Hawaiian Jazz Fusion Guitarist Jake Shimabukuro will be returning to laying down his island inspired rhythms at Anthology in Little Italy. Download "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" for an emotive, airy, reflective piece that needs no vocals to show off the ukelele virtuoso's intricate finger work.

Monday, November 2, 2009

A Month, In Review

So after taking a short break from blogging, I am back in action! In the last month, I have been traveling, working, and shopping to build some content for my little bloggie. And after spending a few whirlwind weekends in Las Vegas and Boulder, I am focused back on local happenings, live music, good eats, etc.

A few weeks ago my dad took me to an awesome concert at the Belly Up Tavern in Solana Beach where we watched Little Feat tear the house down. Bouncing between funky jazz tunes and down home blues, Little Feat was a concoction of everything I love about music. Spontaneity, variety, feel-good jams, guitar solos, classic ballads, and everything in between. The coolest part was that these guys were my Dad's age and they had been around for quite a while, until one of their original members died a while back. They recently started touring again with a few additional members, but they're mosaic sound comprised of funk, soul, jazz, blues, and rock has remained the same.

Recently, I found a fun new spot for cocktails, to watch the game, or to grab some app's if you're in the North County area. Beachside Bar & Grill on the Highway 101 in Encinitas boasts a large patio with fire pits, a nice selection of beers on draft, and a nice menu for the casual diner. The friendly staff and Encinitas crowds are perfect for those that enjoy going out but dressing down.

And for those who enjoy weekend getaways to new places, if you haven't already been you MUST go to Boulder, Colorado. This town is great for outdoor fanatics, young adults seeking a fun night life, foodies, those who love the simple life, and culture lovers. Boulder is a place full of fine dining complete with delicious wines and rare game, a variety of shopping experiences ranging from hippie head shops to high end boutiques, and every outdoor activity imaginable from skiing to hiking to kayaking to biking. The breathtaking beauty of the Flatiron Mountains is enough to draw any mountain lover, but the combination of good food, great shopping, and a bustling nightlife that can consist of billiard dives or hotel bars, every young adult is bound to fall in love with this liberal, cozy, brightly colored Colorado city. Every season is a treat, and Boulder County actually boasts more days of sunshine than San Diego (over 300 annually). The people are friendly and adventure seeking, and the air is so care free that it reminds you of what a simple life can be when you make the most of it. My top spots to visit while in Boulder: The Kitchen on Pearl St. has the best ambiance, ingredients, and tomato soup I have ever experienced. Cosmo's Pizza's slices are almost as famous as they're home made spicy ranch. Hapa Sushi boasts a famous Orgasm Roll that will have you begging for more. Dish Gourmet has the best sandwiches on Earth. Jax Fish House is the home kitchen to Top Chef season 4 winner Hosea. Installation is an artistic anomaly filled with dope kicks and cool accessories. Peppercorn on Pearl St. is the ultimate store for anything for the home, from cookbooks to candy jars. And the stunning St. Julien Hotel are the best digs in town, be sure to book a room that faces the mountains for a breathtaking view.

In sports news, the Yankees have been killing it in the World Series, and the Denver Broncos have finally been knocked of their winning streak. The Chargers are picking back off after their brutal loss to the Broncos, and continue on next week on their uphill climb to the AFC West Championship. The Lakers have been pretty decent, especially off the bench, courtesy of Shannon Brown, Adam Morrison, Jordan Farmar, and some other key players... but last night, Kobe reigned supreme with a dominating 41 points against the Atlanta Hawks. Actually, a few weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to score floor seats to the exhibition game in San Diego when the Lakers played the Nuggets and although the Lakers lost, the bench players got to hone their skills before the season started officially. And to be honest, I didn't care who won, I was just savoring the drops of sweat that kept falling on me from Shannon Brown ;)

Besides these new additions to my life in the past few weeks, much has been the same. Dirty Monday's at the Saloon in Encinitas, the quest for good sushi and mexican food in a new part of town, the sheer enjoyment of sporting a hoodie when the sun goes down. Life can be crazy sometimes, but at the end of the day when the sun goes down, life ain't that bad in beautiful San Diego!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

F*** NFL, Let the Real Pre-Season Begin!

For those of you that bleed purple and gold, who are frequents at the Staples Center, or for those who love Kobe, Lamar, and Derek, the time has come! Lakers Pre-Season starts tonight with a two game series against in state competition the Golden State Warriors. Although the Warriors are already 1-0 this pre-season, the Lakers are undoubtedly favored with their all-star roster and home town advantage (I say home town instead of home court because the game is in Anaheim tonight).

Phil Jackson has stated that he expects Lamar to come off the bench while Kobe Bryant, Derek Fischer, Pau Gasol, Andrew Bynum and Ron Artest to kick the game off. I think I speak for all Laker fans when I say how excited I am to see how Artest plays with our boys... and obviously to watch Kobe drop dimes on Golden State.

For those of you not attending the game, it will be broadcasted on AM Radio 710 for ESPN or you can watch it on KCAL HD.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Shake your ASR

This time last year, I was throwing parties for Quicksilver and Redbull at my old job... this year I was in the throws of the threads.  Saturday, 9/12, I attended the ASR Tradeshow at the Convention Center downtown as a buyer for Tobi Blatt clothing stores.  The tradeshow was reminiscent of POOL in Las Vegas with the variety of booths... small booth after small booth, and then a huge elaborately decorated room, and repeat.  In between all the hustle and bustle were a few landmarks... the Monster Lounge with free energy drinks and posh seating with flat screens and ambient tunes... the vintage motorcycle display, complete with a fully restored old Shelby mustang... the riot that was the Volcom booth, next to the homemade halfpipe, with a fully stocked bar and blaring Jimmy Buffet.  All this was what I nearly expected, until I made my way to the new Class@ASR.

Class@ASR is like the honor roll of the tradeshow.  "Embracing the CLASS@ASR concept are boutique labels that have potential to crossover into core action sports accounts, brands with surf, skate or snow roots designed for fashion forward consumers and higher end, limited edition lines from established action sports brands" says  All the newest, freshest, most hyped brands in the biz all in one large mysterious conference hall.  Each booth is shorter, smaller, and more uniform of those in the ASR hall, but the mood lighting, trance music, beer garden, sexy bar/lounge, and premiere selection made this the place to see, and be seen.  Notable booths were WeSC, Lightning Bolt, Raen Optics, and a slew of Australian fashion labels with that signature funky style typical of the Gold Coast.

Although I didn't get to spend as much time at the show as I would have liked, I got to experience the downtown night life outside of work on Friday night, and boy was it fun!! Bondi threw a huge party, as did Hard Rock and a few other places.  I went to new downtown hipster fave Voyeur for some electro beats and sweet drinks, and as usual had an amazing time.  It was not as crazy as the scene at Anthology last year, but that could be a good thing...

Some trends spotted at the ASR & Class@ASR shows were: corduroy, flannel (yes, still), stylish headphones (sorry Skull Candy, your old news... try AiAiAi, they were the cat's meow this year), distressed denim, motorcycle pants, teeny bikini's, and COLOR!  

Friday, September 11, 2009

Brights for all Seasons

Although summer is winding down, there are still ways for you who love your neons & brights to embrace the fall without giving up on those playful pieces.  

Check out Michelle Trachtenburg, in a plain black dress.  When I see black dress on the red carpet, I think safe, hence my gravitation toward those who spice up their look with bright accent pieces or lots of interesting jewelry.  In this case, the celebrity in question caught my attention with her bubblegum pink clutch.  This is why we buy bright, bold pieces people!  To be the focal point.  You don't want it to get lost in a sea of colors and patterns.  You want to downplay everything in comparison so your accessory of choice is the star of the show.  Kind of like with red lips, or yellow shoes... two more of my favorite bold centerpieces.

Christian Louboutin, you are the only one for me...

Inspired by Project Runway's Althea last night, with her menswear inspired winning look, and equally inspired by this season's hottest trend- motorcycle pants- I came up with a pretty cute new outfit to wear to work today.  I just picked up a new Joie tuxedo-esque linen blouse at the Tobi Blatt Sale, and paired it with a basic black Velvet tank and my new LNA zipper legging's I scored in New York.  And Voila!  I managed to masterfully blended two opposing looks into one adorable ensemble.  But something was missing... something to tie it all together and make it complete... The Right Shoe.

I always wanted a cute pair of Oxford's, since I spotted some cute rustic Dr. Marten's Oxfords in middle school.  But this outfit, whether it was the colors or the materials, made me think extreme... the full on Oxford's, black AND white, lace up, chunky and bold.  But not tacky, never tacky.  With a recent return to the web shopping world (thanks to Intermix and Barney's), I perused the shoe departments on all the e-shop's I have ever used.  With no allegiance to any particular designer, I stumbled across (conveniently) a very yummy- and tres expensive- pair of cutesy Oxford's with a tuxedo looks complete with tiny buttons and patent detailing.  And there's no need to mention how delightful the signature peekaboo maraschino cherry red heel is.  They reminded me of a hot fudge sundae and made me drool with desire!

This I will add to my always ongoing list of pieces worth saving for.  It's time to start upping the ante into the piggy bank!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Later ShopBop!

After giving up on online shopping, I have returned to the web for one reason: Intermix. It started as a visually stimulating curiosity, never making it past the main landing page for the first month of being a fan. I would admire the simplistic beauty of their opening ad design and used them as inspiration for my own work. Now that I have made it past the first page, I find myself walking through an imaginary fantasyland of glossy images of pretty things juxtaposed on beautiful women emitting an air befitting a specific personality. Girlish & innocent. Biker chick bad-ass. Strong and subtle indian princess. It is absolutely fabulous!

If you can't afford it, at least enjoy it up close and personal on your own until you can :) We all know buying the cheap shit isn't as good as saving for the good stuff anyways, right?

Friday, August 7, 2009

New York, in Review

After a quick trip to NYC, I remember why I love the big apple so much!! Great food, great people, amazing fashion... what more is there to life?  While visiting the city that never sleeps, we worked the Intermezzo and Moda Trade Shows held by ENK at the monumental Javits Center.  Picking up holiday, resort, and spring collections from Velvet, Robins Jean, Chan Luu, and Vivienne Tam (along with many more) was more fun than work... booth hopping and shmoozing with designers was a great way to pass time.  Trendspotting helped with forecasting future fashions (next season is all about python, motorcycle gear, and rompers!) and allowed us to seek some new labels to add to our arsenal of brands.

After hours, the standard was cocktails, dinner, then more cocktails.  This trip was less about visiting my old favorites than it was about trying new things.  Luckily, I had friends to guide me through the evenings (Thanks V and Hayley!) and led to discovering a whole new slew of hot spots.  Some old revisited favorites included the St. Regis and Peninsula Hotels for after work drinks, however I visited the Peninsula's rooftop bar for the first time and it was a blast.  Being surrounded by the skyline at sunset was quite a nice way to end the day after working for nine hours, and a great place to see old faces and meet new ones.
After apres-work drinks, came delicious Italian feasts!  Forget the sceney Da Silvano's... instead we opted for local favorite Nello's off Madison, where the Calamari was the best I ever had, and the Asparagus special was too die for!!  Our second night we were treated by our friends at The Palace Hotel to reservations at the uber-swank and nearly impossible to get into Il Molino downtown.  Not only was the food and ambiance just what I look for in old school italian places, but the staff was so sweet I can't imagine going back to NY without visiting this fine eatery.  Now if only I could get back in! Thanks to manager of 27 years Claudio, yours truly can rub elbows with celebs and socialites again...

Some other notable New York moments include:
-Bendel's making the change of becoming all accessories!! Sad but true
-Crumbs Cupcakes on Madison, they made it to California and STILL taste like heaven!
-The Blue Room at the W on Lexington for late night cocktails was the place to be
-brunch at The Peninsula is a great way to start off a busy day of work
-the Redeye to Newark is the only way to go
-my adorable new red patent leather clutch from Bendel's 
-the always delicious street dogs, New York City's finest food!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Breath of Fresh Air

For those who can appreciate the arts of fine photography and engaging writing, please visit my boy Mike's photography blog.  His eye is impeccable and gravitates toward the beauty of nature and people all over the world and is simplistic in content but rich in emotion.  All his work is original and spans over the development of his career as a photographer, through various travels to both coasts and in between.  He can capture epic moments in the middle of a bustling city, or in the middle of nowhere.

Check him out!


Sunday, July 19, 2009

Que Syrah, Syrah

This weekend, I finally made my much anticipated trip to Syrah wine bar in the Gaslamp District.  I have heard great things about the place, and was excited to see it was the fantastic wonderland I have been dreaming of.  The discreet entrance, unique decor, and extensive wine selection make this lounge a real gem.  In a sea of Irish pubs and snooty clubs, this place offers a breath of fresh air to those looking for new horizons.

Andy Warhol meets Alice in Wonderland in this dreamy underground playground.  Moss lined walls, wine barrel lampshades, and art deco accent pieces give a curious and enchanting ambiance.  This is somewhere perfect for gathering friends, taking a date for an intimate evening, or merely to enjoy some innovative interior decor.

Whether you want to post up at the swank bar for a martini, or sit back in a plush vintage chair with a glass of pinot noir, this place is worth leaving your everyday worries behind to spend some time in Wonderland.