Monday, March 22, 2010

Runway At The Park: Behind the Red Ropes

As many of you know, there is only one thing I love more than throwing a good party, and that is designer clothes. To keep up with my love of all things stylish and to pursue my dreams of becoming an all knowing fashionista, my dear friend Glenn Osborne and I have started our own production company to coordinate the most sought after, fabulous, chic fashion shows in all of Southern California. Saturday, March 13th marked the debut of GO Fashion Productions brilliance and was only a small taste of the extraordinary ideas that GO Fashion has to offer.

The kickoff show was a high class cocktail party on the rooftop penthouse of the Park Manor Suites in Hillcrest on 5th and Spruce. The vintage hotel, once a condo building and the home for a wealthy businessman, is a trip back into the old world with its elaborate thrones collected around the world and crystal chandeliers throughout the halls. With Gretchen Productions and 944 Magazine by their sides, the GO Fashion team was able to put together and execute a swank evening of couture, champagne and candle lit corners to people watch and play in. The runway show featured Betsey Johnson, Gordana Gelhausen, Tracy Jean, ABBL Swimwear and La Chica Chic. The garments were spring fresh, boasting little black dresses, summery day wear, vintage inspired separates and teenie bikinis.

Lady Gaga, Madcon and Seal were just a few remixed songs making up the soundtrack of the evening, and chill trance and house on the one's and two's in the VIP reception area overlooking the moon lit Balboa Park. An opera performance by one of the stunning models was a breathtaking surprise, and was truly the cherry on the cupcake after a sweet runway show. Hair and Makeup by the badass chicks of A Style Concierge, swag from RedBull, Amp Energy, iTan, and more. Below, is a picture of the GO Fashion team and friends that made Runway at the Park happen.

For more info on upcoming GO Fashion events, stay tuned or email me!

If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense.

In a time when films are attempting to think up dark and imaginative story lines, and while audiences are craving fantastic escapes from reality, an old Disney classic was reborn. Based loosely off of Lewis Carroll's fairytale Through the Looking Glass, Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland has sparked an eruption of fashion statements and adult tea parties. For 944 San Diego's March Release, what trendier theme than an Alice and Wonderland theme party? And why not take it a step further and host the premiere event at Syrah Wine Lounge in the Gaslamp?

Syrah on Fifth Ave. in the heart of downtown San Diego is an ode to Alice; a discreet grimy staircase down to a dimly lit nondescript door mark the start of the journey down the rabbit hole. Once behind the underground door, moss and ivy scale the walls surrounding a room adorned with plush furniture, faux fireplaces, and tea party decor.

Butterflies and cocktail waitresses in fairytale dresses fluttered around the venue, while a Johnny Depp/Mad Hatter look alike performed magic tricks for VIP guests. The drinks, as usual, were delicious, the beats were dope, and the crowd was looking good and having fun.. the perfect recipe for a 944 launch.