Friday, September 26, 2008

Nice Digs

Yesterday I attended Currant's one year anniversary party at the Sofia Hotel's beautiful restaurant.  Other than eating delicious pulled pork sandwiches and sipping on lychee champagne cocktails, we also toured the meeting facilities, the yoga & fitness centers, as well as 2 beautiful rooms overlooking the cosmopolitan downtown San Diego landscape.  With harbor views, an incredible restaurant, and such fabulous amenities, the Sofia Hotel is a true gem in it's vintage building and prime location.  Just steps from the mall, 5th Ave., the port of San Diego, there is plenty to do at this posh hotel.

Friday, September 12, 2008

It's Britney, Bitch

To all my fellow devoted Britney Spears fans:

After Sunday's much anticipated, fabulous appearance on the MTV VMA's, I think we can all admit how great it is to see good old Britney back in action... sans blue wig, sans sketchy male followers/brainwashers, sans lame wannabe rapper husband. In a sparkly swanky silver dress, with long blonde extensions in tow, Britney blew the crowd away with her modest, classy intro to the award ceremony, not to mention with her three wins for Female Video, Best Pop Video, and the much sought after Video of the Year. In addition to her big debut night, Britney also graced the cover of OK! Magazine this week toting the headline "Brit Hits Back!" So to the haters, doubters, and wannabes: Britney is Back! Knock 'em dead girl!

"I'm Yours", Jason Mraz.

Last Week, Jason Mraz decided to stop by our venue to recieve an icredible gift from Taylor Guitar. Taylor recently released 50 exclusive Liberty Tree guitars, crafted from the wood of the last Liberty Tree that stood on American soil. The guitar represents freedom, American music, and most recently, our current revolutionary political climate. Although there is one guitar per state, Jason Mraz was honored with California's lone Liberty Guitar, not only for his contributions to Americana music, but also because his life-long partnership with Taylor Guitars couldn't be more San Diego. Jason came out of San Diego, and so did Taylor Guitars, and they have been side by side the whole journey. So, Congrats Jason! You deserve it!

His set was three songs off his new album "We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things." and were quite captivating. His vocal range and unmatched ability on the T-5, combined with his charming lyrics, really tore the house down. After he melted the hearts of the place, Jason met with all the staff of Anthology to take pics, sign records, and chat about the San Diego music scene and its relation to his own career. He is so down to earth and really left a lasting impression with us here at Anthology.