Sunday, March 27, 2011

Coachella Pre-Game

With the month of April upon us, Coachella jitters are starting to settle and I couldn't be more psyched!  The weekend getaways are what I live for now that I'm a working girl and this one is the biggest of the year.  Amazing weather, a picturesque landscape, the best in music and cutest outfits.  All I can do is think about it and the anticipation overwhelms me at times because I know that in just 19 days, I will be able to be a part of yet another year of this epic festival.

To feed my itch, I have been playing some predicted tracks on repeat throughout the day.  Many of these songs have special memories attached to them from my many years of musical growth and have made up the soundtrack to my life.  I envision hearing them in the spectacular surroundings Coachella has to offer and just glow with excitement.

"To Zion" - Lauryn Hill
"Flashing Lights" - Kanye West
"Hometown Glory" - Adele / Axwell Remix
"Sex On Fire" - Kings of Leon
"Aint No Rest for the Wicked" - Cage the Elephant
"The Thrill" - Wiz Kalifa / Empire of the Sun
"Move" - Cut Copy / CSS Remix
"Lucky Denver Mint" - Jimmy Eat World
"First Day of My Life" - Bright Eyes
"Wildcat" - Ratatat
"You Used to Hold Me" - Calvin Harris / Laidback Luke Remix
"Animal" - Neon Trees
"Someday" - The Strokes
"Just a Boy" - Angus & Julia Stone
"We Used to Wait" - Arcade Fire
"Hang With Me" - Robyn (w/ Snoop Dogg? A girl can dream...)
"Howlin For You" - Black Keys
"Little Lion Man" - Mumford & Sons
"Made You Look" - Nas
"Fugee-la" - The Fugees (hopeful, but definitely possible)
"Not in Love" - Crystal Castles

Will you be at Coachella?  Always looking to add to my list, tell me your faves from this year's Coachella lineup.

Coachella 2007

Sahara Tent

Festival Love

Chloe Sevigny

Festival Style

 Light Box

 Main Stage under the stars

Sponge Light Install

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Girls Rule, Boys Drool

After a very enticing Armani Jeans ad endorsed by professional soccer player/sex symbol Christiano Ronaldo was released last year, a similarly styled short has been created for all the fellas out there to enjoy. Even though I am partial to Christiano's for obvious reasons, even I can't denounce Megan Fox's level of hotness.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Bikini Season has come early!

Want to be a part of the next big thing in San Diego?

Bikini Week, slated for May of 2011, is the third annual swimwear fashion expo to hit the streets of San Diego.  With the Bikini Week production team backing Parris Harris next Saturday, Kress Nightclub will be putting on a swimwear fashion presentation previewing the looks that will be shown in both the Bikini Week Tour and Bikini Week San Diego.

BWT commences later this month, touring seven spring break destination cities including Lake Havasu, Palm Springs and Las Vegas.  Each stop will comprise of multiple fashion presentations, photo shoots and promotional events.  Once the tour has ended, focus will shift to the mainstage in San Diego where a whopping SEVEN DAY EXPO will commence all over the city.  Bikini Week San Diego is on its third run under direction of ASC's Michael Lee McGriff, and will be bigger and better than ever with production assistance from outside contractors, interns, and none other than GO Fashion!

The goal of Bikini Week San Diego is not just to showcase the latest and greatest of the swimwear industry's trends, but also to provide a retail aspect to vendors seeking interaction with their customers.  Since ASR has been cancelled from the San Diego list of events, vendors and brands participating in this one of a kind event are given the opportunity to sell directly with those looking to buy: not retailers, but CONSUMERS.  Details regarding the separate presnetations, events and trade shows will be updated on the BWSD website once the tour has commenced.

During Bikini Week Tour and Bikini Week San Diego, three contests will run concurrent to the fashion events.  The following categories open to the public:

-All American Bikini Girl
-All American Bikini Designer
-All American Bikini Photographer

In addition to contest participants, the Bikini Week staff is seeking interns for the following categories:

-Social Media
-Model Dressing
-VIP hosting
-Research & Promotion

If you are interested in participating in any of this unique, exciting, FUN opportunities or for more information on the tour, Bikini Week San Diego and the contests running from now until June, check out the Bikini Week 2011 website!

TB Insider brought to you by Trendy Blair

Huge news in Fashion people!!  My good friend Trendy Blair has gotten the up to date news on Galliano's status at Maison de Dior, check it out!

Although it is sad to see you go John, anti-Semitism is so last century!

Aur Revoir Galliano!

Project Ethos gets FLUXXed up in San Diego

Project Ethos, a production hybrid that elegantly brings together various artistic mediums into fabulous one night showcases, has returned to San Diego for another enticing presentation.  This past weekend, the PE team combined live art installations with a stellar musical performance by MANN and a high fashion runway show.  Local designers were showcased at the exclusive event, including Tatiana Zaykovskaya (Tatiana Z), Keisha Audrey (Keisha Audrey  Designs), Yrenne Landeros, Kenneth Barlis, Stacie Tailor (Stacie May), Cardiwrap By Kymaro and Frederick’s of Hollywood Swimwear.  Frederick's, known for their sexy lingerie and lounge wear, is launching their new swim line exclusively at PE events across the country this season.

The show had many different aspects that either delivered or failed to deliver the results typical of Project Ethos shows.  Although the production standards were definitely met, and in some cases exceeded, some of the designers were far less couture than others and like most locally sourced shows, some of the models seemed more comfortable in their skin than others.   The opening musical performance was more impressive than I expected, although I must admit I didn't expect much since I had never heard of MANN or his hit single "Buzzin", and set the mood for a fun laid pack evening.   Once the music and lights lowered and the fashion presentation began, a very strange ballet performance was used to mark the start of the runway show.  It seemed as though models tried to use ballet as an artistic measure, but it came across like the producers were trying to hard.  Ballet has a few verticals that cross over into runway, but the vibe set by the musical performance and later in the music, choreography and styles used in the show did not have anything remotely relevant to ballet or its grace.

Overall, as much as San Diego is in dire need of a fashion element, the designers based out of San Diego seem to lack in some of the creatiive genius that makes LA, New York and Miami all renowned for their fashion scenes.  Of all of the designer sets, the only one's I could really find use for were Cardiwrap By Kymaro, Tatiana Z and Yrenne Landeros.  

Cardiwrap was the opening scene and although I could not stand the spandex harem pants (bleck!), the chameleon like quality of the upper half of the looks was practical and pleasant.  After a typically cheap looking collection from Frederick's swim wear line, Stacie May's retro boho looks were playful but her prints made me dizzy with discomfort.  The next two acts I won't even dwell on; the ghetto prom collection by Kenneth Barlis and the horrendous DIY carpet collection by Keisha Audrey were straight up beat.  Most of this time was spent sipping champagne and making sure my flyaway's were behaving... 

Cardiwrap By Kimaro

Then, like a beacon of light, came the most fun presentation of the bunch.  Yrenne Landeros' garments were by far the best.  With a trendy-feminine theme showing off mini hem's, rompers and cutouts, the designer utilized playful colors and patterns with bursts reds and yellows that really spoke to not only the vibrancy of the line and its birthplace, but also the vitaminwater zero challenge incorporated by the producers of PE.  Her music was hip, the models had fun and most importantly, virtually all of the looks were 100% wearable.  The hot item that grabbed everyone's eye was a yellow skirt laden with black leather straps, giving off an edgy vibe that was seriously lacking from every other collection that came down the runway.  Her tribal print cutout dress was ravishing and if I could pick one item to wear outta that place, that would have been it.

The famous yellow skirt!  Bangin!

The Tatiana Z collection came at the end and was one of the most well rounded collections of the evening.  Complete with gorgeous maxi dresses and fun cocktail dresses with couture ruffles incorporated (a bit avant garde, but street friendly), the designers evening wear set was feminine, contemporary and chic.  Her peace sign handbag was a hit and was an example of how functionally she utilized her accessories.

Tatiana Z from the front row

Overall, it was nice to see a fully produced show at a premier venue in San Diego, but in the right hands, the producers could have been somewhat more selective with their designers.  It's about quality not quantity, I would have much rather watched a shorter version highlighting my three faves then sitting through the agony of some of the other segments.

In addition to the presentations given over the course of the evening, there were a few local industry and socialite sightings that were note worthy.  Amy Grace Winn of Grace Styling sat front row at the seven segment fashion show, right across the runway from Project Runway's own Gordana Gehlhausen.   Also spotted was the GO Fashion team, another up and coming fashion event production company born out of San Diego.