Friday, July 25, 2008

40 Oz. to Freedom

Last Saturday, Rachel, James, and I went to the Belly Up Tavern in Solana Beach to catch a Sublime tribute concert.  I was really looking forward to it since I had never been to the famed Belly Up Tavern and I was craving some live music after returning home to San Diego.  Although we missed the opening acts of Project: Out of Bounds and DJ BoomStyler, we caught the impressive opening performance of San Diego bred Social Green, which mixed hard guitar riffs interlaced with a combination of bongos, tambourines, and keyboard.  There was good reason for such a dynamic performance, Social Green was celebrating the release of their sophomore album "Sounds of Revolution".  After an energetic hour long set, Social Green departed the stage to make room for the headlining act, 40 Oz. to Freedom.  40 Oz. has been performing together since the Spring of 2007 and has been turning heads for its close similarities to Sublime.  Covered songs included the upbeat chill track "Badfish" and the politically driven anti-authority anthem "April 22nd, 1992".  Although I find it impossible to ever replicate the sound of Sublime, 40 Oz. has done a wonderful job of capturing the laid-back sound and Long Beach swagger made popular by Bradley Nowell, Bud Gaugh, and Eric Wilson.  The show concluded with an awesome encore, including an extended drum set on the end of "Pawn Shop", leaving the crowd feeling mellow and groovy.  There is no better way to spend a summer evening than watching my favorite tunes being performed and sipping on a cold cocktail, especially under the rafters and hanging sharks at the Belly Up.  For more information on upcoming shows, visit, and for Social Green's second released album "Sounds of Revolution", visit their myspace page!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Not to be a Total Bitch, but...

I almost peed my pants for the first time since third grade today when I discovered something hilarious on  If the fact that Grey's Anatomy star T.R. Knight's boyfriend is 19 years old (he is 35) isn't enough to shock you, than maybe the fact his name is Mark Cornhole will make your jaw drop!  For the latest in celebrity gossip, please worship Perez Hilton's self titled blog,

Monday, July 7, 2008

Alternative Transportation

Lately, my dear friend Rachel and I have been spending our summer afternoons having some fun on the road, scootering.  Since the end of the spring semester, motorcycles and scooters have been popping off all over the place.  Is it because of the awesome miles per gallon that saves loads on gas?  Is it the convenience of being able to park and drive virtually anywhere?  Or simply the pleasure of getting some good rays in while running down to the corner store?  Whatever your reason is, scooters provide a safe, fun, eco-friendly driving experience for everyone.  Thanks Tony for letting us shred around town on your scooter!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Movin' & Groovin'

Packing is so weird to me... I feel like I avoid it so much because it is when you actually have to evaluate all your stuff, and inherently yourself.  You are completely immersed in all of your material possessions; old photos, films, books, lingerie, your high school sports awards, a paper trail from your four years at college, ticket stubs, things you needed to survive as a freshman all of sudden are given a brand new meaning.  Since I am leaving, everything in my possession in Boulder represents a certain time in my life and brings back nostalgia of forgotten memories that have meant a lot to me, in the grand scheme of things.  I feel like I have completely changed since I arrived in Boulder; my formal education has not only sharpened my mind, but have shaped my strong values, attitudes, and beliefs and have opened my eyes to the world of opportunities I have.  I have to start my career, planning major events in my life, and meeting extremely significant people I will have in my life forever.  But I also want to give knowledge, help the world, and do something significant with my life.  No mundane-behind the desk-bullshit job for this young lady.  When I return home, I will not simply go back to them same niche I had made for myself before.  I want to see new places, meet good people, and find an amazing job.  And as stressful as it is- do not underestimate the anxiety that comes with finding jobs, packing, and moving- it is that much more exciting!  I am so excited to discover new people and places in my beautiful home town.  But in the meantime, it is another hot rainy day in Colorado, and I am going through my things throwing out things that at one time, I couldn't live without, and throwing the rest of my stuff in boxes to make the cross country journey home with me.  I will leave some things behind I guess, but the only thing I'll miss are all the amazing times I have had here.  I hate the idea of not being able to walk to Fielding's house two blocks away, or a couple doors down to grab a burger and a beer.  College is like nothing else in life, especially in Boulder, CO.  For those of you fortunate enough to be entering or attending college: These are the most insane four years of your life, you will meet the most amazing people, and you will probably never get to get away with the shit you do there for the rest of your life.  So have as much fun as you can, and remember... you can always makeup a test, but you can never relive an epic party.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

A Clashing of Sorts

It is only once in a blue moon can two bands from totally different genres of music set aside their artistic differences and blend in perfect harmony.  Luckily for me, I got to witness the clashing of two of America's biggest acts at the massive, breathtaking, acoustic wonder that is Red Rocks Amphitheater in Morrisson, Colorado.  On Tuesday, July 1st 2008, Omaha bred 311 and Long Beach rap superstar Snoop Dogg performed a sold out show that featured amazing acoustics from the natural amphitheater and spectacular light shows to go along with the vibrant music resonating throughout the Front Range.  

Snoop Dogg performed first, playing a set that lasted about an hour and fifteen minutes, featuring a mix of newer and more old school hits ranging from the classic, "What's My Name?", to the booty bumping anthem, "Drop It Like It's Hot".  Other than the usual marijuana embedded banners and on-stage blunt sessions, Snoop's display lacked excitement, spontaneity, and color, quite simply.  Although his visual display was somewhat lackluster, his sound was good and his swagger was on point.

Following the Dogg was the act I came to see, 311.  Mixing both reggae and rock with poetic lyrics boasting style and originality, 311 is cool, confident, and charged up with energy.  If not because of the intricate lighting schemes and the 5 minutes drum session, where all members of the band bang on big drum heads, Nick Hexom's killer white pants were reason for being present at this all out chill fest.  It was to my surprise, and delight, that 311 stuck to their more mellow tunes, as opposed to their hard-core tracks;  It was much easier to digest 311's set after Snoop's due to it's relaxed vibe.

Weird Weather

This Colorado weather never ceases to perplex me.  Today, it started out with a morning high of about 80 degrees, by noon some light cloud cover had come in, and now, at 330, it is raining out.  I've always thought of summer rainstorms as characteristic of humid weather, like in the South in the summertime.  I guess I should never underestimate the power of climate variety in such an ever-changing environment.