Friday, September 12, 2008

It's Britney, Bitch

To all my fellow devoted Britney Spears fans:

After Sunday's much anticipated, fabulous appearance on the MTV VMA's, I think we can all admit how great it is to see good old Britney back in action... sans blue wig, sans sketchy male followers/brainwashers, sans lame wannabe rapper husband. In a sparkly swanky silver dress, with long blonde extensions in tow, Britney blew the crowd away with her modest, classy intro to the award ceremony, not to mention with her three wins for Female Video, Best Pop Video, and the much sought after Video of the Year. In addition to her big debut night, Britney also graced the cover of OK! Magazine this week toting the headline "Brit Hits Back!" So to the haters, doubters, and wannabes: Britney is Back! Knock 'em dead girl!

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