Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Planet Earth meets Xtreme Snowboarding

For those of you that are snowboard buffs like me, you will pleased to hear that yours truly was lucky enough to attend the premiere for the much anticipated Travis Rice film "That's It, That's All" at Anthology.  I was in charge of meeting and greeting all guests attending the event, and even got to spend some time talking to Travis and his family about his great accomplishment.

Not only is this film a spectacular display of the athleticism and boundary breaking travis and his friends are  famous for, but the movie was shot in a variety of locations using none other than planet Earth's own Wescam 35 and Cineflex HD cameras, making for the most insane visual effects I have ever seen in a snowboard film.  The technological advancements in cinematography have made this film a truly memorable, one of a kind film.

My favorite scene, shot in Valdez, AK in the massive Chugach mountain range, features heli drops on breath taking peaks, big air jumps, beautiful carving sequences, and not to mention the awesome background music!  In fact, the entire soundtrack is fabulous, featuring Justice and Digitalism, to only name a few.

The crowd was young, hip, and full of energy, and this epic film set the stage for an even bigger and better party!  On stage, DJ Shark Attack was on the turn tables in front of a team of artists painting a colorful mural.  In the venue were friends, family, and fans of Travis and filmmaker Curt Morgan dancing up a storm.  And since Quiksilver teamed up with RedBull for this ultra-exclusive ASR event, the RedBull Vodka's were flowing heavily.  Even with the craziness on the red carpet and the overcrowded house, the night was unforgettable thanks to Curt, Travis, and all the other mega stars that were featured in the film.  Keep your eyes peeled for the DVD release of the next big film in snowboarding, cuz it will seriously make history... and That's All, folks :)

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