Friday, January 30, 2009

Purple Haze

On Tuesday night, people from all over San Diego gathered at Cox Arena to hear the Cash Money Millionaire drop bombs. Contrary to popular gossip, Weezy went on stage at 9 pm, as scheduled, on time. Unfortunately, we missed the first half of his set, but still caught hits from the Carter III like "Mrs. Officer", "Shoot Me Down", "Lollipop", "Misunderstood", and the hot new jam with Keri Hilson "Turn Me On". The sexy songbird made an appearance at the concert, along with fellow hip hop act Drake. Besides his codine and blunt induced state, Weezy didn't fail to provide some memorable moments for San Diegans. The show was energetic, filled with flame throwers, exploding sets, strippers on poles, a four platform band set up, and a mobile DJ booth floating overhead. Although it was entertaining, Weezy's performance was nothing above sub-par. When he tried to go all emo on us and croon a guitar laden ballad, he slurred his lyrics, the sound was bad, and he merely sat on a chair. It seems as though he fell short of his rock star vision. To bring the show to a close, he gave SD the props it deserved (even though I am still pissed about the Chargers diss he made on the radio), played "A Milli", and waved the crowd goodbye to Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You"... Bottom Line: Weezy may be the shit, but he sure did stink at Cox this week. Easy on the syzzurp Weez, you're losing it!

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