Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Ocho Cinco Rides Dirty to Prep for Playoffs

For the past few days I have been sleeping like an angel, courtesy of moving back into my parents place, and have been quite the early riser. So what's a princess supposed to do for the few hours leading up to work? Breakfast is out of the question. A long shower only occupies about a quarter of an hour. So I started following my mom's footsteps, and have taken to enjoying a morning tea while watching Live with Regis & Kelly. Although I must admit Regis has irked me since the Who Wants to be a Millionaire days, since his hip replacement, he has grown on me a bit. And Kelly Ripa is, without question, one of the cutest moms on daytime tv since Carol Brady. She wears the cutest outfits, has a drop dead gorgeous husband, and 2 adorable children to brag about. She cracks cheesy jokes, teases Regis about his old age, and could just fit right into her giant coffee mug.

This morning, a small story struck my gut and made me crack up. For those of you who check my facebook, you will know that a recent interview with Cincinatti Bengals' Chad Johnson (now Chad Ocho Cinco and quite possibly in the future, Chad Child Please) shed some light on an injury he acquired before the Bengals/Jets game on Monday. Before starting the game, in which he did not catch one complete pass, he twisted his knee while running a routine drill. After a poor performance by Chad and his fellow Bengals, many fans were concerned the injury would find Ocho Cinco inoperable for the rematch against the Jets approaching this weekend, especially after the recent loss of wide receiver Chris "Slim" Henry. Thankfully, Regis shared with Live viewers this morning that Ocho Cinco has calmed all worry when he assured fans his knee injury that he sustained last week passed the "crazy bedroom test" in which vigorous sexual activity deemed the knee "in good condition" for this weekends home game. Good thing Chad's "extra curricular" activities are conducive to his physical form or else Bengals fans could kiss the second round of the play off's goodbye.

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