Wednesday, November 10, 2010

USB Fashion Show

Last week, my buddy Max Zien returned from a business trip to Hong Kong bearing gifts for all of us girls. Being the thoughtful gentleman he is, he got us each something fitting for our individual personalities. For the far east traveler, a lucky buddha statue. For the princess, a one of a kind ring. For the foodie, a wine cork from the Hong Kong Food & Wine Festival. The latter sound like home girl was gypped. But in reality, this young lady got the most unusual gift of all... what we thought was a simple souvenir turned out to be a USB flash drive in disguise!

This incident, combined with my new career move and obsession with Mashable, has led to a slight infatuation with geeky gadgets with fashionable twists. Don't act so surprised! Fashionistas can be nerdy too, especially the ones who intend on being successful in their career. And these curious USB plug in's aren't just for fashionista's... there is a flavor for everyone!

For the photographer:

For the Rancho Santa Fe trophy wife:

For the paleontologist:

For the wino (Thanks Max!):

For the kids:

For the rappers:

For the New Yorker:

For the pescatarian:

For the groom:

For the cops:

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