Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Fashion 2.0

It is nice to see when two very different worlds collide to build a harmonious relationship.  My two loves, technology and fashion, have made some major progress in their growing relationship over the past few years.  Through multiple vehicles including inspiring viral videos, all access backstage footage for the public to view, social media deals and web development innovations, fashion companies have been very vocal about their views.  The integration of these exciting new processes and agents have not only helped designers communicate to their audiences more effectively, but also help the growing fashion community express their own views to the designers they know and love.

One of my favorite things to do in the morning is check out Mashable's top stories and nothing gets me more buzzed then seeing fashion pop up in one of their showcased headlines.  Beyond the realms of fashion blogging and the plethora of viral videos that have been created by world renowned designers such as Karl Lagerfeld, there are other avant-garde ideas popping up on the web that fashionistas must check out.

One of the more recent article I stumbled upon involve live fashion advice from experts and/or consumers.  Delivered in the form of both mobile app's and websites, these forums are the answer to every indecisive shopper's dilemma.  Glamour Magazine's Ask A Stylist iPhone app has assisted many, utilizing the mobile photo upload function to broadcast your question to a professional stylist or to your peers via one of your social media networks.  This is genius!!!  If I had this app on my phone during college I probably could have afforded a much more selective wardrobe.

E-vite techniques have also become widely popular among bidding and bargain sites for high end apparel and accessories on sites like Rue La La and Gilt.  The access these sites give to designer duds at extremely outrageous (in a good way) prices has made it so simple for any aspiring A-lister to look sharp.

The more fashion mobilizes its inner nerd, the more us fashion freaks are able to continue shopping the looks we love in easy, affordable ways.  And the more state-of-the-art functions fashion can perform, the better!

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