Saturday, July 5, 2008

A Clashing of Sorts

It is only once in a blue moon can two bands from totally different genres of music set aside their artistic differences and blend in perfect harmony.  Luckily for me, I got to witness the clashing of two of America's biggest acts at the massive, breathtaking, acoustic wonder that is Red Rocks Amphitheater in Morrisson, Colorado.  On Tuesday, July 1st 2008, Omaha bred 311 and Long Beach rap superstar Snoop Dogg performed a sold out show that featured amazing acoustics from the natural amphitheater and spectacular light shows to go along with the vibrant music resonating throughout the Front Range.  

Snoop Dogg performed first, playing a set that lasted about an hour and fifteen minutes, featuring a mix of newer and more old school hits ranging from the classic, "What's My Name?", to the booty bumping anthem, "Drop It Like It's Hot".  Other than the usual marijuana embedded banners and on-stage blunt sessions, Snoop's display lacked excitement, spontaneity, and color, quite simply.  Although his visual display was somewhat lackluster, his sound was good and his swagger was on point.

Following the Dogg was the act I came to see, 311.  Mixing both reggae and rock with poetic lyrics boasting style and originality, 311 is cool, confident, and charged up with energy.  If not because of the intricate lighting schemes and the 5 minutes drum session, where all members of the band bang on big drum heads, Nick Hexom's killer white pants were reason for being present at this all out chill fest.  It was to my surprise, and delight, that 311 stuck to their more mellow tunes, as opposed to their hard-core tracks;  It was much easier to digest 311's set after Snoop's due to it's relaxed vibe.

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