Sunday, July 6, 2008

Movin' & Groovin'

Packing is so weird to me... I feel like I avoid it so much because it is when you actually have to evaluate all your stuff, and inherently yourself.  You are completely immersed in all of your material possessions; old photos, films, books, lingerie, your high school sports awards, a paper trail from your four years at college, ticket stubs, things you needed to survive as a freshman all of sudden are given a brand new meaning.  Since I am leaving, everything in my possession in Boulder represents a certain time in my life and brings back nostalgia of forgotten memories that have meant a lot to me, in the grand scheme of things.  I feel like I have completely changed since I arrived in Boulder; my formal education has not only sharpened my mind, but have shaped my strong values, attitudes, and beliefs and have opened my eyes to the world of opportunities I have.  I have to start my career, planning major events in my life, and meeting extremely significant people I will have in my life forever.  But I also want to give knowledge, help the world, and do something significant with my life.  No mundane-behind the desk-bullshit job for this young lady.  When I return home, I will not simply go back to them same niche I had made for myself before.  I want to see new places, meet good people, and find an amazing job.  And as stressful as it is- do not underestimate the anxiety that comes with finding jobs, packing, and moving- it is that much more exciting!  I am so excited to discover new people and places in my beautiful home town.  But in the meantime, it is another hot rainy day in Colorado, and I am going through my things throwing out things that at one time, I couldn't live without, and throwing the rest of my stuff in boxes to make the cross country journey home with me.  I will leave some things behind I guess, but the only thing I'll miss are all the amazing times I have had here.  I hate the idea of not being able to walk to Fielding's house two blocks away, or a couple doors down to grab a burger and a beer.  College is like nothing else in life, especially in Boulder, CO.  For those of you fortunate enough to be entering or attending college: These are the most insane four years of your life, you will meet the most amazing people, and you will probably never get to get away with the shit you do there for the rest of your life.  So have as much fun as you can, and remember... you can always makeup a test, but you can never relive an epic party.

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