Monday, April 6, 2009

They're backkkkk

I am currently 46 minutes into the hour long rager that is the Hills premiere, and I am completely shocked.  I had given up on this godforsaken show and its supremely shitty actors, but tonight, some real shit went down and I'm totally hooked back on the Hills.  First of all, can I just start with Heidi's hair? It is even bigger, blonder, and makes her resemble a lion.  Second of all, she has the audacity to show up at LC's surprise party? What a middle school move... and the two of them crying at the end, so hilarious!  Shortly following was Spencer's super D list night at The Dime, an LA hotspot judging by the brawl that went down over a text message... he beat up his sister's ex for tattling on his sleazy ass while hitting on a bartender...real mature Spencer.  That is what most married men do, well done.  
Things couldn't get any worse, until the second half hour started.  Not only is Stephanie Pratt my least favorite reality TV star of all time, but she is the dumb bitch that invited Heidi to the party! Well, props to LC for putting her nosy little tush back in line with the rest of her followers.  To make things even more vintage, Spencer and Brody decide to have a bromantic lunch date while Heidi recluses back to Colorado only to be cornered by her mom and her high school ex.  Talk about awkwarddddd!  The show ends with Spencer's sleazy ass back at the bar hitting on the same bartender with the squeaky annoying voice.  REAL COOL.  All in all, I would say the show was semi realistic, with a lot of memorable moments.  Two thumbs up for LC (and earlier tonight, a wild Blair Waldorf) for their blood red pouts.  Now that's hot!

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