Friday, November 13, 2009

Blog Crush!

I have a blog crush. I am totally obsessed with a new blog a recent acquaintance has introduced me to. It is a combination of fashion photography, editorial work, and documentary. The Sartorialist is a successful Renaissance Man of sorts, with a educational background in Apparel Merchandising and professional experience with fashion, photos, and writing, he has created a blog dedicated solely to fabulous fashion around the world.

"I thought I could shoot people on the street the way designers looked at people, and get and give inspiration to lots of people in the process. My only strategy when I began The Sartorialist was to try and shoot style in a way that I knew most designers hunted for inspiration. Rarely do they look at the whole outfit as a yes or no but they try and look for the abstract concepts of color, proportion, pattern mixing or mixed genres. "

The Sartorialist has an eye that most people strive for in fashion, but that I personally feel I share. Many times do I take notice of a particular piece, or feel to an ensemble, and wish I could share my perspective with those that share my love and inspiration for a designer, a garment, or an individuals style. Well, I have been beaten to the punch, but now have a crush on The Sartorialist and hope to one day masterfully blend my professional aspirations into one original, inspiring, creative project as he has.

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