Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Thursday is the New Friday

Well, it seems that with the end of summer comes the end of some big tours, and local music afficcianados couldn't be happier. Fall is a chilly season where we can wear our scarves and boots and rock out to some shows that would otherwise be overshadowed by summer headliners like Britney Spears and Dave Matthews Band. This Thursday, the Belly Up Tavern will host the Danish rock duo the Raveonettes for a dreamy sultry indie rock performance partnered and hosted by FM 94.9. Before you head there, make a stop at the Brigantine for Thirsty Thursday and get $2 off some cocktails, mojito's & martini's. To get a feel for the Raveonettes, try sampling one of they're singles, "Dead Sound", an electronic charged 50's beat with soft pop vocals and hard hitting drums.

Thursday night, in my opinion, is the perfect evening for live music because it gets you revved up and ready for the weekend. And next Thursday should be no exception; Hawaiian Jazz Fusion Guitarist Jake Shimabukuro will be returning to laying down his island inspired rhythms at Anthology in Little Italy. Download "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" for an emotive, airy, reflective piece that needs no vocals to show off the ukelele virtuoso's intricate finger work.