Thursday, March 3, 2011

Bikini Season has come early!

Want to be a part of the next big thing in San Diego?

Bikini Week, slated for May of 2011, is the third annual swimwear fashion expo to hit the streets of San Diego.  With the Bikini Week production team backing Parris Harris next Saturday, Kress Nightclub will be putting on a swimwear fashion presentation previewing the looks that will be shown in both the Bikini Week Tour and Bikini Week San Diego.

BWT commences later this month, touring seven spring break destination cities including Lake Havasu, Palm Springs and Las Vegas.  Each stop will comprise of multiple fashion presentations, photo shoots and promotional events.  Once the tour has ended, focus will shift to the mainstage in San Diego where a whopping SEVEN DAY EXPO will commence all over the city.  Bikini Week San Diego is on its third run under direction of ASC's Michael Lee McGriff, and will be bigger and better than ever with production assistance from outside contractors, interns, and none other than GO Fashion!

The goal of Bikini Week San Diego is not just to showcase the latest and greatest of the swimwear industry's trends, but also to provide a retail aspect to vendors seeking interaction with their customers.  Since ASR has been cancelled from the San Diego list of events, vendors and brands participating in this one of a kind event are given the opportunity to sell directly with those looking to buy: not retailers, but CONSUMERS.  Details regarding the separate presnetations, events and trade shows will be updated on the BWSD website once the tour has commenced.

During Bikini Week Tour and Bikini Week San Diego, three contests will run concurrent to the fashion events.  The following categories open to the public:

-All American Bikini Girl
-All American Bikini Designer
-All American Bikini Photographer

In addition to contest participants, the Bikini Week staff is seeking interns for the following categories:

-Social Media
-Model Dressing
-VIP hosting
-Research & Promotion

If you are interested in participating in any of this unique, exciting, FUN opportunities or for more information on the tour, Bikini Week San Diego and the contests running from now until June, check out the Bikini Week 2011 website!

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