Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Feet Meets Beats

What do a Brooklyn indie rock group, an LA based shoe company and a local conservation group have in common?  An epic collaboration...  Coachella performers Animal Collective announced that, in conjunction with Keep Shoe Co., they will be designing a small collection of sneakers whose sales will go to the Socorro Island Conservation Fund (SICF).  You probably have never heard of the SICF, since it is relatively new and highly underfunded.  The small but mighty organization targets ocean conservation efforts, specifically "to preserving the unique biosphere of the Revillagigedo Archipelago" in Baja, California.  Four years ago, Animal Collective members Brian Weitz and Josh Dibbs took a trip to Revillagigedos in 2007 that really sparked their interest in conserving our oceans.  Once the idea was pitched to Keep founder Una Kim, the two entities combined forces to come up with an exclusive collection of sneakers, available as of March 26th at Keep Los Angeles on Fairfax and Clinton.  And check this- if you pre-order your pair, you can score a limited edition mixtape featuring never-before-heard tracks by Animal Collective. Rad!!

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