Thursday, June 9, 2011

House Finds It New Home at GuestHouse

It isn't often that a major change arises in the Gaslamp Nightlife Sector, so when Stingaree announced its plans to give the landmark venue a face lift, I was very eager to hear what was in store.  Known for its three stories of warm inviting lounges, extensive DJ list and celebrity fan base, Stingaree has been named San Diego's hottest night club the last four years in a row.  What most people don't know about Stingaree however, is that it had an award winning restaurant attached to it.  But with the nightclub in the spotlight, the restaurant and its blossoming potential were overshadowed, and the demand for change rose.  So why wouldn't managing partners James Brennan and Demien Farrell do what they do best and build out a ground breaking new concept?  

"Stingaree has been at the forefront of nightlife, both locally and nationally, since opening over five years ago. The key to our long-standing success is constantly evolving to bring experiences to our guests that create unforgettable memories," said owner, James Brennan. "With the launch of GuestHouse, we look forward to delivering an entirely fresh and intimate venue that keeps guests coming back for more."

In addition to Stingaree, Brennan and Demien and the rest of the Enlightened Hospitality Group have been on the cutting edge of the industry for the past six years, bringing bottle service to San Diego from their roots in New York.  With smash hits like Universal, Side Bar and Bar West on the repertoire of successfully launched venues, the pair's wisdom and understanding of current industry trends proved valuable while renovating their space.  To make better use of the highly overlooked front half of the building, the duo decided to come up with a brand new, more intimate venue detached from Stingaree, cleverly dubbed GuestHouse.  

The setting is that of a sexy study, including cozy design elements like painted word search walls, custom lamp shade light fixtures, plush lounge seating, regal velvet drapery and a crackling fireplace.  But unlike the facades seen in other local hot spots like Vin de Syrah, the technology used inside GuestHouse is far more advanced.  Bringing together the talents of light and sound engineer John Lyons and AV Concepts, the killer sound system and sensational visual pleasure of textural mapping provide a unique experience unlike any club in San Diego.  

With a heavy focus on House music, the GH lineup will, "read as a 'who's who' dossier of headliners from around the globe, peppered with prodigious local talents".  The soft opening was this Monday and was a sparkling success, with lots of buzzing bodies and reasons to celebrate - the venue was remodeled in a mere 2 weeks!  Beginning with tray passed appetizers, dim lighting and a good looking crowd, the night progressed into a jam packed dance party under melting graphic sequences synced to the beats dropped by Scooter & Lavelle.  GuestHouse will be having its hard opening in a few weeks with big name DJ Sharam on the agenda, and is bound to be the newest Industry Night Hot Spot with weekly events on Mondays and Wednesdays.  

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