Monday, June 13, 2011

New & Old Faves Make For Happy Ears

Music has a funny way of forming the soundtrack to one's life, and just as I felt an insatiable thirst for something new, I have once again been given the gift of beautiful music.

Once a die hard Incubus fan, it has been what seems like forever since the group has released a new, refreshing album.  After great success with Make Yourself and Morning View - two of my favorite albums of all time by the way, the reformulated band had a few sub par albums put out that just didn't sound like themselves.  With the release of their newest album, If Not Now, When?, the relaxing melodies delivered by Brandon Boyd's hypnotic voice are light, minimalist, sunny.  It is a bit confusing trying to figure out where the group envisions themselves at this point, this record doesn't exactly fit in the chronology of their discography, but I can't help but enjoy the mood its put me in.

Newly added to my list of favorites, Bon Iver is about to come out with a much anticipated album.  Set to be the same dreamy folk songs we all know and love, the album takes on a road trip theme that will hopefully transport me to whatever utopian paradise this magical music comes from.  After being introduced to For Emma about a year ago (thank you Mars!) I fell in love with the sweet sounds of Bon Iver and have him constantly on at work, in the car, at home, while I run, anytime really.  If his new album is anything like the last, I will be in heaven all summer long.

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