Thursday, July 14, 2011

Light Shows by Chanel

In the truly over-the-top fashion that is only Karl Lagerfeld's, last weeks Chanel show was an after hours extravaganza.  Instead of attending swank parties and sipping on culinary cocktails, fashionistas were lined up along the runway of Chanel's 2011 Fall Couture show.  Besides the fact that it's Chanel (!!!!!), what could deter hipster fashion week attendees from their coveted after parties?

Lagerfeld is known for his eccentric presentations (ie: icebergs, giant barns, volcanos, etc.), and this year he "turned the Palais into the Place Vendome" cites New York Magazine's The Cut.  Replacing the statue of Napoleon Bonaparte with one of none other than Coco Chanel, the entire show's mood was dark and dreamy.  The modular twisted 40's inspired collection was set on a stage that resembled a train station at night.  The hall was filled with moonlight and glowing street lamps, and to add just a little extra glimmer, the model's boots were filled with soft blue LED lights that lit up during the finale.  How PLURfect!  The only thing that would have completed this show would be a custom set by Kaskade... a girl can dream.

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