Friday, June 26, 2009

King of Pop's Untimely Death Leaves Lots of Loose Ends

Yesterday afternoon, as most of you know, pop icon Michael Jackson suffered from cardiac arrest in his Los Angeles home.  This was the third of a string of deaths that complete the theory that three celebrities die at a time... one elderly, one sick, and one sudden.  Ed McMahon passed away at 86 on Wednesday, followed by Farrah Fawcett who lost her battle with cancer at 62 years old early Thursday morning, and now Michael Jackson suddenly collapses and dies of cardiac arrest at 50 years old.  

Upon entering the singer's home yesterday afternoon, paramedics attempted to revive Jackson, who would not respond.  MSNBC reports "The 50-year-old musical superstar died Thursday, just as he was preparing for what would be a series of 50 concerts...[He] had been spending hours and hours toiling with a team of dancers for a performance he and his fans hoped would restore his tarnished legacy to its proper place in pop."

Since his death was confirmed yesterday around 5 pm PST, radio stations & television channels have been covering the pop star's mysterious demise and memorializing him by playing his hits non-stop or every few minutes.  When news started spreading, people felt it was their duty to inform those around them.  A woman in a New York City subway stood up and recited a text message addressing the breaking news.  A wave of pedestrians in Time Square murmured when the story flashed on the big screen.  Jackson's death affected so many, it is already being compared to the scale of the Kennedy assassination.

Early this morning, on my way into work, the 91X Morning Show with Mat Diablo covered the headlining story by providing intimate details that began leaking last night about Jackson's abrupt death.  Reports are saying that the singer's physician had administered a shot of demerol, a heavy pain medication, to Jackson only the day before his death.  Some speculate Jackson's physician may have been negligent with his dosage and in combination with the excessive physical demands of his tour, and the stress on top of that, may have been sole contributors to his death.  Although the autopsy is scheduled for Friday, COD won't be certain until toxicology reports come back soon after.  But I must say, it is prettttty convenient that the doctor in question is M.I.A. right now.... Hmmm...

In any case, no matter the circumstances of his death, and regardless of Jackson's alleged child molestation incidents, the man was an incredible musician who I have always looked at as the most iconic figure in entertainment.  Hell, I was in the Michael Jackson Club in high school, and not many will admit that!  So here is to you, Michael Jackson, King of Pop, and Entertainment Icon.  May your legacy live on in every crotch grab, sequin glove, red leather jacket, and bad nose job.  You had a hell of a ride MJ, but just like in Neverland Ranch, the ride had to come to an end.  

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