Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Bill O'Reilly said WHAT?!

For those of you who don't peruse Perez on the reg, you may not have seen or known that the Fox News personality made Michael Jackson a target for his 'Talking Points Commentary' bit.  The discussion was appalling and tasteless, and was delivered, in my opinion, way to soon. states, "Bill O'Reilly seriously made fun of [Michael's] skin color, spending money he earned as an artist, and that he had white children".

A guest on the show reprimanded Jackson for turning his back on 'his people' and turning white, encouraging the black community to not support the pop star's iconic achievements.  Bill O'Reilly at one point even said, "Yes the man was an all-star entertainer, but that's it".  WTF?!? Michael Jackson was, and remains to be, the face of Pop music and set the standards that inspired musicians, performers, and entertainers like Justin Timberlake, Lionel Richie, Usher, and all the rest.  He was misunderstood, and although the man had flaws, he is one of the most well known, admired, inspiring people in history.  His life and death both affected many people around the world deeply, and both should be respected.

First of all, now that the man is dead, can we stop talking about all the alleged child abuse and plastic surgeries?  We A. all know he is in denial about his physical changes being self imposed and B. no longer care what he did because he is dead.  Not to mention, he just died a week ago for christ sake... can you let his family and fans just remember him the way they choose to and go on with your miserable life?
People like this make me resent freedom of speech.  
Check it out for yourself and see the jerk in action:

BOO FOX NEWS!! Shame on you!

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