Monday, July 13, 2009

My Sweet Dream Future

I have decided to set some long term goals for myself and have come to create a plan that balances the things I want to achieve and the things I love harmoniously.  After I settle down (no details on this part of my life yet, for obvious reasons), and while having children (hopefully 4...3 boys and a little girl), I want to own a bakery.  I want to specialize in retail cupcakes.  I have been fantasizing about the possibility of this being a completely rewarding and fulfilling career, and have decided it is totally possible!
As long as I can save enough money for a small business to start, I think I can muster up the support to keep up.  Besides... I LOVE MAKING CUPCAKES.

I have been making one batch a week, of classic box recipes, and need to start experimenting with my own recipes.  I wouldn't mind starting by giving samples until the personal orders start coming in and I can really start working.

I find it hard not to love this idea.  Being able to raise my kids and participate in their life while working and making cupcakes!  I can keep my other amazing job and fulfill all my sweetest fantasies.  MooMoo Dark Chocolate Cupcakes with White Frosting... Funfetti Rainbow... Chocolate Chip Yellow Cupcakes... Strawberry... Red Velvet... the possibilities make me hungry & happy, I can;t help myself.  No matter what I do in my life, I swear I will profit off of my love for cupcakes by spreading love through giving and sugary goodness.

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