Sunday, July 19, 2009

Que Syrah, Syrah

This weekend, I finally made my much anticipated trip to Syrah wine bar in the Gaslamp District.  I have heard great things about the place, and was excited to see it was the fantastic wonderland I have been dreaming of.  The discreet entrance, unique decor, and extensive wine selection make this lounge a real gem.  In a sea of Irish pubs and snooty clubs, this place offers a breath of fresh air to those looking for new horizons.

Andy Warhol meets Alice in Wonderland in this dreamy underground playground.  Moss lined walls, wine barrel lampshades, and art deco accent pieces give a curious and enchanting ambiance.  This is somewhere perfect for gathering friends, taking a date for an intimate evening, or merely to enjoy some innovative interior decor.

Whether you want to post up at the swank bar for a martini, or sit back in a plush vintage chair with a glass of pinot noir, this place is worth leaving your everyday worries behind to spend some time in Wonderland.

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