Friday, September 11, 2009

Christian Louboutin, you are the only one for me...

Inspired by Project Runway's Althea last night, with her menswear inspired winning look, and equally inspired by this season's hottest trend- motorcycle pants- I came up with a pretty cute new outfit to wear to work today.  I just picked up a new Joie tuxedo-esque linen blouse at the Tobi Blatt Sale, and paired it with a basic black Velvet tank and my new LNA zipper legging's I scored in New York.  And Voila!  I managed to masterfully blended two opposing looks into one adorable ensemble.  But something was missing... something to tie it all together and make it complete... The Right Shoe.

I always wanted a cute pair of Oxford's, since I spotted some cute rustic Dr. Marten's Oxfords in middle school.  But this outfit, whether it was the colors or the materials, made me think extreme... the full on Oxford's, black AND white, lace up, chunky and bold.  But not tacky, never tacky.  With a recent return to the web shopping world (thanks to Intermix and Barney's), I perused the shoe departments on all the e-shop's I have ever used.  With no allegiance to any particular designer, I stumbled across (conveniently) a very yummy- and tres expensive- pair of cutesy Oxford's with a tuxedo looks complete with tiny buttons and patent detailing.  And there's no need to mention how delightful the signature peekaboo maraschino cherry red heel is.  They reminded me of a hot fudge sundae and made me drool with desire!

This I will add to my always ongoing list of pieces worth saving for.  It's time to start upping the ante into the piggy bank!

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