Thursday, September 10, 2009

Later ShopBop!

After giving up on online shopping, I have returned to the web for one reason: Intermix. It started as a visually stimulating curiosity, never making it past the main landing page for the first month of being a fan. I would admire the simplistic beauty of their opening ad design and used them as inspiration for my own work. Now that I have made it past the first page, I find myself walking through an imaginary fantasyland of glossy images of pretty things juxtaposed on beautiful women emitting an air befitting a specific personality. Girlish & innocent. Biker chick bad-ass. Strong and subtle indian princess. It is absolutely fabulous!

If you can't afford it, at least enjoy it up close and personal on your own until you can :) We all know buying the cheap shit isn't as good as saving for the good stuff anyways, right?

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