Saturday, December 12, 2009

All I Want For Christmas

Thank you to my girl Katrina for posting this on facebook! I die for every single one of these shoes, if Santa even let me have half a pair of these beauties I would be good every single year! The studs, peep toes, satin bows and black lace is all so stunning and heavenly, they make a girl just want to live out her fashion fantasies. I have to admit shoes are my biggest vice, even more than fine wine or dirty martini's. There is nothing that makes a woman feel sexier than a brand new pair of designer shoes to take her through her adventures on the town. So fellas, while we are cooking our way to your hearts, please be a dear and stop by Neiman's on your way home from the office to pick up a pair of dream shoes for your honey. What more could you ask for: a Christmas gift that keeps bringing joy year round to your lady? Sounds like a dream come true!

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