Friday, December 18, 2009

Night of the Dragon at Zenbu in Cardiff

For you industry mongrels and pro ho's that didn't make it out to Cardiff on Wednesday for Dragon's Weird Fest, you missed out on one of the best holiday parties this year. What made this shin dig so awesome? Well for one, it wasn't a Christmas party, which was a relief since most of us are sick of the ugly sweaters and red/green limitations. Secondly, it was held at the newest Zenbu location in the trendy Cardiff area. Third? The delicious sushi, of course. And lastly, the event was hosted by Dragon, an action sports retailer, locally infamous for their epic parties. The goal of the party was to celebrate "their number 1 team rider Mick Fannings claim of his second world title". Sponsors included Rockstar Limo and U4IK Vodka, and Zenbu even donated some free sushi to VIP attendees.

Props to Dragon for the sick sunglasses display in the saltwater aquarium. Thanks to Cory McGilvery for the epic photos. And of course, thanks Loren for throwing another weird/fun/amazing bash.

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