Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Dear Santa

Once Thanksgiving has passed and the Christmas spirit starts to settle in, one contemplates what they think they deserve and what they would die for if Santa would only put you on the Nice list. Most of us with good taste, however, typically make the Naughty list, so my list is merely wishful thinking. With the economy in such shambles, Christmas is predicted to be less bountiful in most households than years of Christmas past. Nonetheless, even though times are tough and wallets are tight, I have been able to find some pretty f*&%ing fabulous finds on my favorite shopping websites.

I have always been a fan of Steve Madden but when his playful designs go on sale, my heart really starts to flutter. His Cuddless bootie in a flirty fuschia is the perfect hybrid of hipster and feminine. For only $100, you get designer duds in a rich suede, a comfortable fit, and a bangin color that will add a punch to any outfit.

Since my obsession with pin-up girls began, and most recently when attending Thread, I have been so intrigued and in love with feathered hairpieces. Head bands and clips, with feathers and flowers are so ethereal and inspiring, they add a touch of glamour to any pretty face. I just bought a beautiful rouge and black feathered hair clip adorned with vintage gold jewelry from Rachel Larraine at Thread, but I just want to buy more in every color! At Nordstrom's, Tasha's "feathered friend" headband in teal or purple are both vibrant starbursts of color, perfect against a bright blonde or rich chocolate brunette (or in my case, a deep auburn).

At Intermix online, my guilty pleasure, the 'Gifts Under $250' proved to have some interesting finds, which is typically unheard of. Lauren Urstadt's Cropped Chain Leather Gloves (for $155) are an edgy accessory for those of us with deep rooted loves for leather. But if you are less of a renegade and more of a romantic, the dreamy racoon fur muffler scarf by Adrienne Landau is pricey, but so elegant I can imagine it being worn by a famous actress on a cruise ship in the early 20th century, think Kate Winslet in Titanic or a dressed up Naomi Watts in King Kong.

It is nice to see that department stores and heavy trafficked sites are breaking prices in accordance with the holidays. Working in retail, I see the ugly reality of the economy everyday. There's hope yet for my fellow fashionistas, though, thanks to compliant vendors and generous manufacturers. Even big name designers are starting to catch on that people are willing to sacrifice cost for style, since there are so many more affordable options these days. And the best thing about thrifty shopping, of course, is that even if Santa puts me on the Naughty List, I can probably scrounge some change up to treat myself to a few nice gifts :)

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