Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Norton Knows Best

I like to discover and plug local photographers, since I share such a passion for the photographic art and interesting perspective. For almost two years I have been living back in San Diego tearing up my old stomping ground, and one name keeps coming up. NORTON.

“James Norton, a local resident of South Park San Diego has been literally capturing life at its best. Covering some of the most exclusive fashion shows and the hottest night club spots, James’ sharp eye and keen skills are masked only by his laid back and carefree attitude.” - San Diego Downtown News - April 2008

The kind, carefree, witty man behind the lense is known for his candid black and white snapshots, and most recently I became a huge fan of his fashion editorial work. His shots capture action in every form... in people, in their surroundings, in lighting, objects, garments, structures. Everything about his photos are sexy, sharp and immediately draw you into the seductive worlds of parties, fashion and musics. Deemed San Diego's premier nightlife photographer, Norton maintains his title by constantly attending the hottest events and showcasing the people and places he works with in his fantastic works. His cool personality doesn't hurt either; He is the type of guy you want to be around, and if you aren't then you probably should be. If you are fortunate enough to get spotted in one of his snapshots, consider yourself a part of something truly one of a kind. With his good shaggy haired head straight on his shoulders, his top of the line equipment, creative eye and raw talent, this guy is gonna be going places. And you might want to follow because there's always a party when Norton's around.

Check out more about Norton and his sick shots here. For a taste of his style, check out some photos below of yours truly and some local industry friends.

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