Thursday, December 3, 2009

Freak Bodies Hit the Runway for the Holidays

Every year, around the holidays, there are many things one has to look forward to... football & family, eggnog & mistletoe, the outward pouring of love & joy. For me, although Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and I love Christmas music all year round, I look most forward to the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. For those of you that are annual addicts to this runway extravaganza, you know what I am talking about. And for those of you who don't, it's time to get on the bandwagon. This runway show is most notable for the brand and faces behind the production, household names like Heidi, Gisele, Alessandra and Tyra. But since it's roots many decades ago, the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show has evolved into the biggest fashion spectacle in the world. It harmoniously blends together commercial fashion, couture models and mainstream music into one big glittery glamorous display of beauty one may ever sat their eyes on.

This year was no exception, and thankfully so since the past few years have been somewhat underwhelming due to the loss of many familiar faces (Gisele ended her contract with VS 2 years ago, and Tyra retired as a runway model after the 2006 show) and a loss of focus on the part of the artistic directors. Themes were lost and focal points were blurred in many of the "in between" segments, but this year I am happy to say that VSFS producers have simplified their vision and delivered one of the best runway shows of the decade.

The first segment of the show began with a blast off performance by the Black Eyed Peas of "Boom Boom Pow" their first hit single off their new album, The E.N.D. The stage was layered with green lazers forming the backdrop of a European skyline, while the glitter covered runway was strewn with futuristic dancers, similar to those from the BEP performance on the VMA's. The first face to grace the stage was the stunningly beautiful Alessandra Ambrosio, sporting a hot fuschia piece that would make any fashionistas heart melt. The theme of the first segment was futuristic neon, with bright yellow and pink ensembles featuring bubble helmets, geometric acrylic wings, and mirrored
fragments in floral like arrangements.

Next came the Travel inspired segment, featuring images of passing trains through a variety of sceneries and dancers tossing and dancing with props such as hat boxes, luggage, and totes. Marisa Miller was featured in the Million Dollar Bra, while the other models were covered in everything from furs to gems to exotic feathers and an array of rich expensive fabrics. It held an air of aristocracy and leisure that took the audience on a lush fantasy trip that most women only dream about.

Next was the more playful segment, representing the VS Pink brand, commonly shows in bright colors, loud patterns, and University style emblems across the tush. Usually, this is the part of the show people don't mind missing for its youthful mood, however this time, the directors used more couture design with the commercial brand. Tightly bound corsets, balloon wings, and bubble trains adorned the vibrant, playful looks inspired by dorm room debutants and varsity vixens around the country.

To break up the drool worthy faces and fashions, the Black Eyed Pas performed their newest track, radio hit "Meet me Halfway", where Fergie stole the show in her peekaboo front emerald green gown showing off her trained and groomed stems as if she were a VS Angel herself. Her vocals were also impeccable, and her solo in the end gave me the chills.

The last two segments were the most glamourous of all, in my opinion. The first of the two followed a fairy tale theme that was reminiscent somewhat of the Russian Royalty segment from years past where a classical ballet track was remixed with Snoop Dogg & Pharell's "Drop It Like It's Hot", featuring feathers, woodsy wings, and a fantastic feeling of escape from the normal world. This segment was on the lighter side, using a cooler palette of colors such as mint, pale pink, and lavender. Wings were delicate and ethereal, matching the nymph like faces of the models that bore them. Also notable, Heidi Klum's return to the runway only 2 weeks after giving birth to the newest of her brood, Lou Samuel.

The final segment was the standard finale in the VS fashion show, a glitzy wintery display of all the finer things VS has to offer... ruby and sapphire encrusted bras, bridal lingerie, black velour two pieces, snow queen corsets, and much much more. The center of the V shaped runway was filled with a booming choir that backdropped Leona Lewis' "Happy" and was all set against the backdrop of the laser outlined skyline from the start of the show, except a winter white instead of neon green. This segment was also the debut for Kylie, a VS Angel tryout who made it past over 300 candidates, through countless preliminary and final judgements, and finally made it to the runway where she spread her wings and strutted her stuff.

The playlist for this years fashion show is listed below. Later today, I will be posting a list of previous years songs... I promise these playslists are the shiz to work out to!

"Boom Boom Pow" by The Black Eyed Peas
"Sex On Fire" by Kings of Leon
"Use the Same Old Song" by Mighty Mike ("Use Somebody" by Kings of Leon mashed with "It's the Same Old Song" by the Four Tops)
"The Man Who Can't Be Moved" by The Script
"Happy" by Leona Lewis
"Untouched" by The Veronicas
"1901" by Phoenix
"The Battle" by Hans Zimmer
"My Delirium" by Ladyhawke
"Ooh La La" by Goldfrapp
"Message in a Bottle Rmx" by The Police
"Sex Appeal" by Barrie Gledden
"Heavy Cross" by Gossip
"Upset The Rhythm (Go Baby Go)" by Noisettes
"Bulletproof" by La Roux
"When Love Takes Over" by David Guetta

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