Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Ode to my Bestie!

One of my nearest and dearest (and oldest) friends, Erica "Bagel" Stolman, has crafted another noteworthy blog dedicated to anything and everything fashionable. Whether its an icon, an item, or an idea, my little E-bear loves to write about all that is couture. Friends that follow us, and share a passion for fashion, also like to introduce and add ideas and tidbits to our little blogs on the regular. This week, our homeboy Griffin (aka Grif Balls) brought to our attention a one of a kind item for auction that may or may not be the most fashionable cartoon memorabilia in history. Meet Karl Lagerfeld's Sponge Bob Square Pants.

According to hypebeast.com, "Karl Lagerfeld attracted the highest bid at a recent Paris fundraiser for WWF, generating 1,000 Euros (Approx. $1,499 USD) ". Who would have thought others existed that shared a love for Sponge Bob and Chanel. Way to go Karl, on another inspirational work of art!

Follow my girl, E-bear at her couture cornucopia.

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