Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Death Cab on the Moon

Tonight, for the first time in music video history, a band has performed their video live in one single shot.  At 7pm EST- only 6 hours ago -Death Cab for Cutie streamed their performance of and concept behind their new single "You Are A Tourist” as it was happening.  The song is the new single off of its seventh album Code and Keys, due out May 31 on Atlantic Records.

When asked about the production of this epic video, frontman Ben Gibbard said, "It'd be like trying ask a 5-year-old kid to explain their trip to Disneyland. It's sensory overload."  

All this exciting stuff comes right after the band announced their new tour, kicking off in Toronto on May 18th.  The Codes and Keys tour includes a few nights performing with Coachella headliner Bright Eyes for three dates in the Pacific Northwest.

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