Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Goodbye Blue Box, Hello Pinc Box

For decades, the coveted little blue box from Tiffany & Co. has been a symbol of generosity and love.  Yes, sterling silver, 14k gold and diamonds are all lavish ways to say you care, but for those with more sensitive scenario's, high end jewelry isn't always a girls best friend.  Well Tiffany, step aside because there's a new box in town! 

Pinc Box was launched a few years back by two women based out of New York after learning that one of their friends was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.  Although there are many beauty, household and fashion items on the market who donate a portion of proceeds to breast cancer programs or charities, what was missing was a gift that you could buy solely for the purpose of comforting and soothing the soul of someone diagnosed with cancer.  After taking account of the needs and limitations of a patient or survivor, Pinc Box was born!

The Pinc Box is a thoughtful, elegant gift set which includes custom made products to suit the needs of those affected by cancer.  I don't simply mean pink packaging and glitter and unicorns, I am talking about details typically overlooked.  For instance, instead of filling the Pinc Box with a shimmering pink rose scented lotion - what one would think would be a fitting gift - the founders of Pinc Box have created a custom fragrance free hand and body lotion to moisturize and sooth the skin without irritating it with busy dyes and scents.  Breast cancer patients that have gone through chemotherapy are extremely sensitive to smell, making it hard for those who have been through chemo to enjoy sweet, floral or oriental frangrances (citrus is one exception, hence the Citrus Scented Aromatherpy candle also included in the gift set).  This product, along with the rest that comprise the Pinc Box, are all made with lots of love and thoughtfulness, with only the recipient in mind.  The similarities shared by both the blue box and the pinc box are meant to reflect quality and luxury, and to provide a sense of love and consideration.  The difference between the two boxes is, the Pinc Box caters to the specific needs of a patient or survivor, unlike a majority of products that benefit the fight against breast cancer.

Breast cancer is a vicious disease that just so happens to run in my family, so a gift like this means a lot to me and my loved ones.  Being able to give a gift to someone in need of comfort and care is priceless.  And on top of all the benefits of what comes inside the box, 10% of proceeds of the Pinc Box go towards Breast cancer charity, so it is truly a win/win for both the maker and the recipient.

If you are looking for a unique gift like this for someone you love, skip Tiffany's old school silver ribbon necklace in a blue box and go for the one-of-a-kind, unforgettable gift of a Pinc Box!

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