Friday, April 29, 2011

The Roc's in the Building!

I was just made aware that one of my favorite rappers, performers, and style moguls Jay-Z, is active in the blog community!  This is great news, not just because music and writing are two of my biggest passions, but because like my blog and many others, it revolves around more than just one topic.  Jay-Z is a Renaissance Man of sorts, combining his love of sports, music and fashion in his everyday life with businesses like the New Jersey Nets, Rockafella Records and Rocawear.  He is a man of many vices, and with a constant spotlight on him and iconic wife Beyonce, it is about time that he make his thoughts, opinions and passions public with his enormous fanbase.  

A collection of all of his favorite things, topics covered in Life + Times include art, technology, sports, music, fashion and leisure.  Although sitting around and writing about his new toys & obsessions is not one of his core competencies, I think I speak for all fans when I say it's about time he gave himself the freedom to do so... give the guy some credit, dude has been putting in work for quite a while.  Jay has been on top of the east coast rap game since Biggie's death back in the 90's, and has proven to be one of the most widely accepted, original, versatile rappers in the game.  He has written, produced and rapped his way to the top, and adapting to new measures of creative expression is commendable, especially for such an OG.  Go get 'em Jigga!

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